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Uncover Insightful User Journey Secrets Using GA4 Reports

Duration - 40 minutes
Raquel Serrano

Raquel Serrano

Senior Web Analyst & CRO , LYNX

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Join Raquel Serrano, Senior Web Analyst & CRO at LYNX, as she uncovers the secrets hidden within GA4 reports like Funnel Exploration, Path Exploration, and User Explorer to uncover bottlenecks and opportunities in user journeys, particularly for non-e-commerce websites.

Discover Where Users Encounter Hurdles:

Learn how to leverage GA4 to pinpoint where users face challenges on your website, such as during sign-ups or form submissions. Gain insights to enhance these areas and streamline the user experience.

Identify Optimal Paths:

Utilize GA4 to analyze user pathways on your site, distinguishing effective routes from less successful ones. Enhance successful paths and optimize or eliminate ineffective ones for improved user engagement.

Key Takeaways

  • Remove friction and hidden barriers to boost conversions and streamline user experience.
  • Analyze pathways to enhance engagement and drive conversions efficiently.
  • Discover hidden insights in GA4 reports to optimize your website's user journey and fuel business growth.

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