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Panel Discussion: How eLearning Businesses can Optimize Learner Journeys

Duration - 60 minutes
Brian DeKemper

Brian DeKemper

Head of University Partnerships, Springboard

Giuseppe Auricchio

Giuseppe Auricchio

Executive Director, Learning Innovation & IESEOnline, IESE Business School

Jan Marks

Jan Marks

SVP Customer Success, Multiplica

Deepak Lamba

Deepak Lamba

Ex - CRO Leader & Head of Europe Business, VWO

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COVID might have pushed people back into their homes, but it has been unsuccessful in bringing down the learners’ motivation. As more and more people adopt the online mode of learning, the onus to help such learners with not just a tool but an environment to learn lies with the eLearning businesses.

Does that mean the physical universities are losing their importance? Not entirely. Not unless they take proactive steps to transition online.

What process should eLearning businesses then adopt to make their learners experience an engaging one?

This first-of-its-kind panel discussion brings together a group of experts in the eLearning space to discuss how the eLearning businesses (new and existing) can serve the learners.

Why is it ‘first-of-its-kind’?

Unlike most webinars where the audience listens to a monologue, this panel discussion gives you, the attendee, the opportunity to share your thoughts and interact with the panel LIVE. Towards the end of the panel discussion, interested attendees will be allowed to come on camera and share their thoughts/learnings with the rest of the audience within a time frame of 4 minutes.

Points for Discussion

  • Why eLearning and online courses are recording an upward trend?
  • Overview of user journey in eLearning (enrollment > learning > referral)
  • Which phase of the journey carries more weightage and offers opportunities for optimization and experiments?
  • How can the course completion rates be improved?
  • What are people's expectations before, during, and after a course?
  • What can universities and eLearning companies learn from each other?

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