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Role of UX Researcher in Formulating Testing Strategy

Duration: 60 minutes


Jason Marcus

Jason Marcus

UX Research Lead

American Express

A mixed-methods researcher with a strong track record of conducting empirical studies in social psychology, Jason leads a research team that is transforming the way the organization drives new enhancements.

About The Session

Almost all testing programs begin with research. It is obvious that unless you identify the friction points in customers’ buying journey, you won’t know why your conversion rates are taking a dip! The role of a UX researcher then becomes apparent to employ methods to get a qualitative and quantitative understanding of their customers.

Jason Marcus has been in this role for 10+ years. Having previously worked at Verizon and Bed, Bath & Beyond, Jason currently leads a team of UX researchers at American Express.

In this exclusive interview, we will be asking Jason about his research strategy, how UX researchers fit into different parts of the funnel, how UX researchers add quality and velocity to a testing program, and more.

Key Questions

  • How do you manage the experimentation program balancing different OKRs?
  • How do you feed the inputs from this research into testing plans of different departments?
  • How does a UX researcher contribute to a testing program?