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Warner Music Group Increases Its A/B Testing Velocity By 3X

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Warner Music Group is an American multinational entertainment and record label conglomerate headquartered in New York City. We spoke with Brandon Gentry, Director of User Experience at Warner Music Group (WMG), who is responsible for managing websites of the artists that WMG represents.

Over the course of 18 months, the UX team at WMG developed a robust framework for deploying websites that are fine-tuned for conversions and user acquisition. This case study highlights the conversion optimization challenges faced by the UX team at WMG, and how it overcame those challenges by using VWO.

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In my role at Warner Music Group, I aim to promote a culture of data-driven creative design. We design, build and maintain hundreds of artists’ websites. VWO’s suite of tools help me quickly and easily find conversion optimization wins that I can standardize across our whole enterprise. I don’t like to use the phrase “best practice” unless I can prove it, and my proof is in the data provided by VWO.

Brandon Gentry

Brandon Gentry

Director, User Experience
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