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Teamleader Increased Free Trial Sign-Ups Through Rigorous A/B Testing

12.5% Sign-ups

About Teamleader

Teamleader is a SaaS company headquartered in Ghent, Belgium, which develops a unified CRM, invoicing, and project planning platform for SMEs. Primarily focused in Europe, Teamleader currently serves over 40,000 customers.

We spoke with Ruben ten Brinke, who works as Marketing Operations Coordinator at Teamleader. Ruben is responsible for improving the user experience and conversions on Teamleader’s websites across the EU region, and has extensively used VWO for the same.

What we loved about VWO was its simplicity. The ease of digging into customer insights and running tests with VWO’s drag-and-drop editor was truly seamless.

Ruben ten Brinke

Ruben ten Brinke

Marketing Operations Coordinator
230 Teamleader


As a SaaS player that primarily caters to SMEs, Teamleader’s main objective was to increase the number of free trial sign-ups generated on a recurrent basis. At the same time, Ruben had to ensure that their sign-up flow becomes more fluid for the visitor. With this objective in mind, Ruben decided to sign up for VWO and optimize the free trial sign-up pages on all websites of Teamleader.


Before choosing VWO to optimize their websites, Ruben and his team had limited capabilities in terms of running A/B test on their website pages. Here are some of the challenges they faced:

  • They could not A/B test Teamleader’s main website based on the Drupal CMS, and could only run very basic A/B tests on the landing pages they built using a third-party landing page software.
  • Even after switching landing page softwares, they could not A/B test at the speed and scale they wanted to because of limitations to the capabilities of the software. The test reports did not provide them with enough data to generate any actionable insights.
  • Since Teamleader operates websites in different languages based on the region, they had to set-up tests individually for each one of them.

What Ruben and his team needed was a simple way for them to run A/B tests on Teamleader’s websites, at the velocity and complexity which could help them ramp up their conversion optimization efforts.

Tests run

After signing up for VWO, Ruben and his team were able to kickstart the A/B Testing efforts for Teamleader’s main website. Ruben personally loved the reporting and analytics that VWO provided them for their A/B tests. In addition, they could now run A/B tests easily on their websites across all regions. With VWO, all of the operational and technical capability challenges faced by the Teamleader team were solved.

Now, to meet the objective of increasing the number of free trial sign-ups, Ruben and his team decided to go after the lowest hanging fruit, that is, Teamleader’s free trial sign-up page. They ran a couple of tests, which showed an improvement in conversions ranging from 9% to 16%. Here’s a look at some of them:

Test 1: Adding “No Credit Card Required” Improved Conversions by 12.5%

In the first test, Ruben decided to test the hypothesis of reducing friction by adding information about non-requirement of a credit card to sign up for a free trial, on their Netherlands and Belgium websites. The hypothesis proved to be true.



For Teamleader’s Netherlands website, the variation achieved a conversion rate of 54.8% compared to 48.7% for control. For Teamleader’s Belgium website, the variation achieved a conversion rate of 38.6% compared to 33% for control.

Test 2: Optimizing Forms Improved Conversions by 9.3%

In another test, Ruben and his team decided to optimize Teamleader’s free trial sign-up form by testing two versions of it. For the variation, they made modifications to the CTA, font size, number of form fields, and also added the asterix sign for compulsory form fields on Teamleader’s Belgium website.



The variation resulted in a winner with a 37.5% conversion rate, compared to 34.3% for the control.

Test 3: Introducing Social Proof Increased Conversions by 12%

For this test, Ruben decided to test the original free trial sign-up page against two variations, one with information about Teamleader’s product offering and the other with customer logos.


Variation A

Variation B

The variation with customer logos, Variation B, produced an uplift in the conversion rate from 36% to 40.3% for Teamleader’s Netherlands website.

Test 4: Introducing Icons in Form Fields Improved Conversions by 13.1%

In this test, Ruben and his team introduced icons for various form fields on the free trial sign-up page to test the impact, if any, on the conversions for Teamleader’s main website.



The variation with icons produced conversion rate of 37.11, as compared to 32.84 for the original one.


After finding their initial success, Ruben’s journey with VWO unraveled the true potential of A/B testing and optimization for him and his team. Next, they plan to scale their conversion optimization efforts to a larger scale and wouldn’t mind exploring the VWO Experimentation platform for the same.

VWO allowed us to refocus on our Experience Optimization with a fresh lens. The connectedness of the platform made it very easy for me and my team to ramp up our efforts.

Ruben ten Brinke

Ruben ten Brinke

Marketing Operations Coordinator
230 Teamleader
230 Teamleader


Ghent, Belgium




12.5% increase in Sign-ups

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