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How Ubisoft Used A/B Testing To Increase Lead Generation

12% Sign-ups

About Ubisoft

Ubisoft Entertainment is a French video game publisher headquartered in Paris, France. It is known for publishing games for several acclaimed video game franchises, including Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, Far Cry, For Honor, and more.

The company has a presence in 6 continents and employs over 13,000 people. The teams in Ubisoft’s worldwide network of studios and business offices deliver original and memorable gaming experiences across all popular platforms.


For Ubisoft, the improvement in lead generation and conversions that happen on the Buy Now page of their website was a key performance indicator when it came to user experience.

The process began by studying the existing page to create a hypothesis that could be tested for improvement on the VWO platform. The stated objective was to improve lead generation for the game, For Honor, on the Buy Now page. The services team at VWO worked in tandem with Jenny’s team to achieve the desired objective.

Tests run

The Ubisoft team collected visitor data using heatmaps, scrollmaps, clickmaps, and on-page surveys and analyzed the data to build a strong hypothesis for testing. The hypothesis was to reduce the up and down scroll and simplify the entire buying process.

After collating the data, VWO Services team suggested a complete design overhaul for For Honor’s Buy Now page and constructed an A/B test based on the new design using VWO. With VWO heatmaps, you can visualize your customer’s journey in real-time. Start a free trial to see how.

A/B testing of a new design for the Buy Now page based on the test hypothesis would demonstrate that the variation delivered more in terms of lead generations and conversion.

The Buy Now page before the testing phase:

  1. The user on the Buy Now page would first have to select the preferred version of the game from the five versions displayed on the screen.
  2. The user was then expected to scroll down and select the platform on which they would play.
  3. The final step was the Place Your Order button that took them to the checkout page on the Ubisoft store.

The New Test Variation

The hypothesis was to reduce the up and down scroll and simplify the entire buying process.
To support that goal, the design and the layout of the page were changed.

  • In the redesigned test layout, the section to choose edition, console, as well as the Order Now step were moved to the top of the left column, with an edition comparison.
  • The new design eliminated scroll and improved the interaction time/rate on the Buy now page.

The test was run during the holiday season (October–December 2017), due to the higher influx of traffic. During this phase, the traffic was 60% higher than usual.

Comparison of the test data between the old and the new layouts on the VWO platform clearly demonstrated that the redesigned version increased the lead generation rate by 12% (from 38% to 50% conversions).


The results motivated the Ubisoft team to rethink and undertake testing of checkout pages on a series of games, with the intent of arriving at a standardized version.

The Ubisoft team also decided to use surveys, session replays, and heatmap data to optimize its conversion funnels further and bolster on-site engagement.

For Ubisoft, these are repeatable results which pave the way to increased revenues.

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We ran a series of A/B tests based on the data we gathered by using Heatmaps, Scrollmaps and Surveys available on the VWO Platform. It helped us to identify key elements on our websites that needed a deeper look.

Jenny Hughes

Jenny Hughes

Digital Marketing
Ubisoft Logo
Ubisoft Logo


Headquarters in Paris, France


Gaming & Sports


12% increase in Sign-ups

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