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EZ Texting Added A Chat Widget On Their Page To Boost Sign-ups

31% Sign-ups

About EZ Texting

EZ Texting helps businesses execute marketing campaigns, send real-time alerts, promote events, and provide customer service, finally driving higher revenue and adoption for many products and services.

To go ahead with testing their newly added chat widget, EZ Texting used VWO.


EZ Texting put an Olark chat widget on the variation and needed to A/B test the same.

Tests run

The design of the original EZ Texting form appeared like this:

Ez Texting control - VWO case study

Control (Original Design)

EZ Texting put an Olark chat widget on the variation and created an A/B test by using VWO. This is how the variation appeared:

Ez Texting variation - VWO case study

Variation (with the live chat widget): 31% Increase in Sign-Ups


EZ Texting managed to increase sign-ups by 31%. The chat widget was strategically placed so that if a user has any doubts before making successful sign-up, he could ask for the same on the live chat widget.

Joshua Malin from EZ Texting is a deep believer in the power of A/B tests and hence had the following to say:

“I know that testing can contradict deeply held beliefs but it is helpful every now and then to go through a test that confirms this. It makes it that much easier in the future to test other long-held beliefs. And of course it’s always great to have solid data to explain the inclusion of some counterintuitive element on our front end sales site to everyone else at the company.”

Absolutely essential. We have used all sorts of manual and automated A/B testing methods, but VWO is the most pleasant to use.

Joshua Malin

Joshua Malin

Chief Marketing Officer
91 Ez Texting
91 Ez Texting


Santa Monica, CA (US)




31% increase in Sign-ups

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