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One Click Ventures Deliver Personalized User Experiences and Lift Conversions Using VWO

30% Conversion

About One Click Ventures

About One Click

One Click is a growing eCommerce eyewear retailer offering reading glasses, sunglasses, and prescription eyeglasses for people across the globe. Started in a home office by Randy and Angie Stocklin in 2005, they’ve grown to become the world’s most people-focused eyewear company. 

Powered by a team that’s passionate about customers and a culture founded on strong Midwestern values, One Click has been voted as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana for four consecutive years. 


Jon Corwin is the Director of Growth Marketing at One Click. One of his primary goals includes driving customer acquisition by identifying new marketing channels and effectively graduating them into One Click’s core marketing mix to increase revenue and drive top-line growth. 

When he joined One Click five years ago, his core focus was to improve the user experience of all three websites with a distinct focus on conversion rate optimization.


Before I joined the company, our testing process was very ad-hoc. There was no regimented testing methodology or framework in place. We were using a plethora of tools and our testing data was completely scattered. My first task at hand was to fix this.adds Jon Corwin, Director of Growth Marketing at One Click.

He started evaluating A/B testing and CRO platforms for One Click and came across VWO. Impressed with VWO’s capabilities, he got on a demo call with one of our representatives and decided to try the product. He and his team installed the VWO Smartcode and started collecting visitor engagement and interaction data. 

Setting up VWO helped Jon and his team get a better understanding of how their visitors were interacting with the website; pages they were spending time on, actions taken on the website, pages they were dropping off from, and many other data points.

Heatmaps, clickmaps, session recordings, and on-page surveys paint a full picture of how customers interact with different parts of our website. These insights have been instrumental in helping us understand our customers’ needs and eliminate the guesswork in our marketing efforts. 

VWO has helped us become more data-driven in our approach and we’ve successfully added features to facilitate customer needs and provide them a seamless website experience.adds Jon Corwin.

Tests run

One Click’s Optimization Process

Jon has always believed that investments in conversion rate optimization, particularly for eCommerce companies is a top priority. Improving conversion rate can directly translate into profit to help drive the business forward. 

Jon and his team collect tons of website data on a regular basis. Based on this data, they’ve built a repository of ideas that are documented in VWO Plan. Using the ICE framework (Impact-Confidence-Ease) they work in lockstep with their Engineering Team to rank different opportunities, prioritizing testing ideas that would prove to be the most impactful for the business.

Using VWO Testing, Jon and his team implement high-velocity experimentation frameworks,  launching 3-5 tests per week. They’ve seen a dramatic increase in their conversion rate and have been successful in scaling One Click’s three brands faster by accelerating their learnings. Run these tests on your website. Start your free trial today.

“VWO helps us test at the speed that we desire. We like a lot of data and we like to run fast and VWO has not missed a beat for us in the last four years. We’ve never had any downtime or outages or any user issues. In the last 5 years, VWO has grown with us as a company and is deeply woven into our weekly sprint cycles, it’s something that we lean on very heavily on a day-to-day basis to help derive our learnings.” adds Jon Corwin, Director of Growth Marketing at One Click.

One Click’s Use Cases for VWO

Over the years, Jon and his team have run hundreds of successful experiments for all their websites. We asked Jon to share some of his most successful and memorable experiments with us and here’s what he had to share. 

Experiment 1: Geo-based Messaging for Higher Checkouts

Hypothesis: Being a global eyewear brand, One Click drives traffic from different regions of the world. With the goal of improving conversions, they decided to personalize the checkout page for each user based on their country. 

Implementation: They ran the experiment using VWO custom segmentation which dynamically changed the content on the checkout page and localized it to make it more relevant to the user.

So, for instance, a customer from Canada would see Canadian shipping rates and other details such as estimated delivery time, Canadian currency, etc. This helped in making their shopping experience more engaging and highly personalized.

Readers - Geo Based Messaging - Control


Results: They saw a 30% increase in their conversion rate and achieved higher engagement with this experiment. 

VWO’s capabilities make it extremely easy for us to deploy tests that render to a specific segment of traffic. With the tools that we were using in the past, we could only do this loosely, but it wasn’t as easy and could not be executed quickly.adds Jon Corwin. 

Experiment 2: Discovering the impact of product videos on engagement and conversions

Hypothesis: During early optimization efforts of Readers.com, Jon and his team ran multiple tests on the product pages. They would experiment with page layout, try different product images, use various CTAs, etc. 

Purchasing reading glasses online comes with a lot of inhibitions. One of the initiatives they always wanted to test was product videos and make greater investments in video assets to strengthen decision making among customers. However, they were skeptical if the effort would be worthwhile. So, they decided to test it.

Implementation: They added product videos highlighting the value of the product, its benefits and also got a few in-house experts to explain the features. The videos showcase different angles of the reading glasses and help users learn how they would look on different face shapes. 



Results: They noticed that a lot of visitors were engaging with the product videos and found them valuable while making a purchase. Conversion rates for pages with product videos were considerably higher than the ones that didn’t have videos. 

This experiment helped them achieve a 10% increase in add to carts. 

Because of this experiment and the information that VWO could provide us, we doubled down on our win and proceeded to fully roll out, adding videos to every single product catalog of readers.com. This has been a huge success for the team and one that we continue to get positive feedback from our users about how they enjoy the videos and how they help provide more information and why they continue to choose to purchase from us” says Jon Corwin, Director of Growth Marketing at One Click.

The way ahead

Moving forward, Jon and his team want to maintain a rapid testing cadence. For a fast-paced industry that eCommerce is, Jon believes that one must be ahead of the curve or can get beat up by competitors pretty quickly. He says that having a tool like VWO at their disposal to accelerate the way they learn and grow really serves as a great competitive advantage.

We firmly believe that tools like VWO help us ensure we serve our customers the best we know how and if there’s a new channel or new experiment that we’d like to test, we know that we have the resources available to be able to test that out quickly. Teams who iterate quickly, win quicklyadds Jon Corwin.

Apart from exploring new channels, international expansion and improving the mobile experience will be high priorities for the One Click team. “We’re spending more and more time on improving our user experience to cater to mobile-first customers. We plan to use VWO to observe mobile visitors, identify conversion leaks, and enhance customer journeys” says Jon Corwin

Start your free trial today to experiment with your website.


When asked to share his experience with VWO, here’s what Jon had to say, “VWO has not only helped to be our go-to CRO suite but from the Marketing Team’s perspective, VWO also helps us accelerate the ways in which we learn. VWO allows us to understand the ways our customers shop with us to better serve them through our marketing efforts and different campaigns that we deliver.

Lastly, VWO’s customer support has been absolutely outstanding. We’ve been fortunate that we’ve really not had many issues while using VWO, but in the few instances where we may have a specific technical question, the team has always been accessible and the response times have been terrific.” Jon Corwin, Director of Growth Marketing at One Click

One Click owns and operates three successful eyewear brands: Readers.com, Sunglass Warehouse, and felix + iris.

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30% increase in Conversion

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