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A Minor Change On Ben’s Product Page Resulted In Conversion Uplift Using VWO

17.63% Conversion

About Ben NL

VWO and Ben

Founded in 1999, Ben is the personal budget challenger of the Dutch telecom service market. The company typically provides customers with two types of subscription plans: a sim-only subscription or one combined with a mobile phone. Ben is the mobile phone provider for everyone who wants to get the maximum value out of their budget.

Ben is one of VWO’s esteemed customers. It has been using our CRO services  for the last four years to constantly optimize their website, enhance customer experience, and increase conversions. We got in touch with Hans Breeuwma, one of Ben’s Conversion Specialists to know all about the test campaigns the company ran for Ben and how effective they’ve been for the brand in terms of conversion uplift.


Ben’s primary objective is to offer the latest mobile devices to its customers with the best data and voice plans. It also aims to provide comprehensive information about its plans to the website visitors to make an informed choice.

Of the many campaigns it runs to achieve this goal, one of them was to make the phone color palette prominently visible on the product page allowing people to select a phone color they like (black, white, blue, red, green, etc). Though a minor page element, it was directly affecting the brand’s conversion rate and overall sales figures.


Most people exploring Ben’s site were unaware of the fact that they could choose a phone color of their choice on the site itself in addition to other services that came along with the device. They did see the color palette on the page, but couldn’t figure out its basic function. This further led to several customers calling Ben’s customer care centers to get the color of their devices changed after placing an order with the brand.

Tests run

To get to the problem, Ben, along with the Dutch consultancy agency de Nieuwe Zaak, started digging deeper. As the first step, they used VWO’s visual behavior analytics tools like heatmaps, click maps, and session recordings to obtain qualitative insights about customer behavior. Further, they wanted to understand how the visitors were interacting with different page elements, mainly the color palette, and see where they were dropping off. The two companies also gathered first-hand data from their respective customer support teams to analyze the areas of problems.

Basis all the research, the brands found that while visitors did notice and interact with the color palette placed below the product images, they still couldn’t figure out that it was a way to choose phone color. This is how the original product page looked like:

A/B test Control

Control Image — Placement of Color Palette below the Phone Image (Conversion Rate — 2.20%)

To make the color palette prominently visible on the page, Ben and de Nieuwe Zaak collectively decided to change the position of the color palette and A/B test the variations. They made the following changes:

  • Removed the color palette from below the phone image and placed it next to it to make it easy for the customers to understand the palette’s basic function.
  • Also, increased the length of their service-offering form for customers to easily choose a data and voice plan along with the device as per their requirements.  

This is what the variation looked like:

Placement of Color Palette Adjacent to the Phone Image

Variation Image — Placement of Color Palette Adjacent to the Phone Image (Conversion Rate - 2.59%)


Ben ran the A/B test campaign for about two weeks on about 40,347 users to analyze how they interacted with the newly implemented changes. They found that while more people understood the function of the color palette, the number of customer calls to change device colors also dropped significantly. The test uplifted Ben’s conversions by 17.63%.

28 Ben Nl




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17.63% increase in Conversion

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