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Mobal Tested Enhanced Phone Offerings to Increase Purchases

27.7% Purchases

About Mobal

Mobal has been involved in offering the best communication solutions for international American travelers since 1989. Founded in the UK, Mobal has continued to grow in size, status and services and today is a world leader with operations in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. The primary product they offer is a cell phone number that works across the globe.


As the primary product that Mobal offers is a cell phone number that works across the globe, the choice of a handset would be a secondary factor in the purchase decision. This is what they thought! This is what led them to think of a change and test it.

Tests run

Their goal was to determine whether replacing their current deluxe phone with an Android smartphone or adding an Android smartphone to their current offering would provide an increase in sales over the current 3 phone models they offered. So, they ran an A/B test on their international cell phones landing page, which gets traffic from organic, PPC, and direct sources.



Mobal Control - VWO case study

Control Page – Budget, Classic, and Deluxe Phones

The primary motivation for this A/B test was to see whether there is any demand for smartphones from international travelers and also to assess the impact of offering a smartphone on their other products. As international travelers value service and network coverage, they were unsure which variation would convert the best.

They started a test with 3 pages, just changing the phone product section of each. One was the original page (control) that you saw above.

The other variation looked like the screenshot below:

Mobal variation1 - VWO case study

3-option variation (with Android option). 13% increase in sales.


The results were surprising with the 4-phone option (see the screenshot below) converting 27.77% better than the control page.

They felt that an additional phone option may have had an adverse effect on the overall conversion rate, but the test proved them wrong. It was also interesting to see that replacing their current deluxe phone with an Android handset saw an increase in conversion over the control page of 13.3%. Clearly, Android phones worked like magic and helped them gain a lot more customers!

Mobal Variation 2 - VWO case study

4-option variation (with both Android and Deluxe phone options) - 27% increase in sales

From this A/B test, they concluded that offering 4-phone option meant a significant increase in the number of phone sales we had and that there was a demand in the market for smartphones.

Since they used VWO for their split URL test, they gave us a testimonial:

“VWO allowed us to simply and efficiently conduct a split URL test for our 3 options. The easy to use dashboard system meant that we could identify which product selection offered us the biggest increase in sales.”

So, if you are an eCommerce website, make sure you regularly A/B test your product mix. You never know which new products may increase your overall conversions and sales.

158 Mobal


New York, NY (US)


Mobile & Telecom


27.7% increase in Purchases

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