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Trust Badges

What are trust badges?

Trust badges are visual symbols or icons that are displayed on a website to indicate that the site can be trusted. These badges may be issued by third-party organizations or companies that verify the authenticity, security, and reliability of the website. 

Trust badges are often used to build trust and dependability with website visitors, and can help to increase conversions and sales by reassuring customers that their personal and financial information will be safe when they make a purchase or provide sensitive information on the site. 

The importance of trust badges

Trust badges have a significant effect on conversion rates when properly implemented. Trust badges are seen as useful and effective for the following reasons:

Build trust & credibility

Trust badges can provide information about the site’s security, reliability, or credibility clearly and concisely, helping to reassure visitors that the website is legitimate and trustworthy. This can be especially relevant when people are considering making a purchase or providing sensitive information on the site.

Enhanced user experience

By giving users the confidence that a website is safe and secure, trust badges may enhance the entire user experience. As a result, users are more likely to stay on the website longer and interact with its content. For the site owner, this can result in higher conversion rates and sales.


Trust badges can help protect a website’s reputation by demonstrating a commitment to security and reliability. If a website does not have trust badges or does not take steps to protect its customers’ personal and financial information, it may be seen as untrustworthy and may lose customers as a result. Trust badges can help to prevent this by making it clear that the website takes the security and privacy of its customers seriously.

Types of trust badges

There are many different types of trust badges that may be displayed on a website. These depend on the nature of the site and the information that it is trying to convey to visitors. 

A trust badge may be shown pretty much anywhere on your website, but it should also be highlighted on the checkout page. Some common types of trust badges include:

Security badges

These badges indicate that the website is secure and that personal and financial information is protected. Examples include badges from security companies such as McAfee or Symantec, or badges indicating that the site has an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate.

Payment processor badges

These badges indicate that the website accepts payments through a trusted payment processor, such as PayPal or Stripe. These badges can help to reassure customers that their financial information is being handled securely.

Customer review badges

These badges display ratings or reviews from customers and may be issued by a third-party review site such as Trustpilot or Yelp. These badges can help to build trust with potential customers by showing that the website has a track record of satisfied customers.

Industry association badges

These badges indicate that the website is affiliated with a professional industry association or trade group. These badges can help to build credibility with customers by showing that the website meets specific standards or criteria within the industry.

Compliance badges

These badges indicate that the website meets certain compliance standards, such as privacy regulations or accessibility standards. These badges can help build customer trust by demonstrating that the website is committed to following best practices.

Money-back guarantee badges

The money-back guarantee badge almost eliminates the anxiety and perceived danger of purchasing an item or service online, making it the most effective trust badge. Although this doesn’t address technical security concerns, it demonstrates to potential clients that you have their long-term interests in mind.

Free-shipping badges

Your clients can know that you provide free delivery by looking for a free shipping badge. This is a need for many clients and it also promotes confidence and reliability.


Trust badges are an effective technique to increase the credibility of your website. Utilizing them in your eCommerce business can help you build user trust and dispel any skepticism customers may have about making purchases online.

 Trust badges are invaluable because they help customers perceive your store as a reliable, trustworthy location to shop.