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What hackers have to say about A/B testing

Well, OK, the post is not about exactly the kind of hackers who do nasty stuff, breaking into computers and systems. This post is rather a compilation of best discussions on A/B testing at my favorite online hang out: Hacker News. That forum is a must visit if you can relate to startups, technology, science and culture, all at once.  (For those already on Hacker News, I’m paraschopra there).

On Hacker News (HN), A/B testing has become a somewhat regular discussion topic and the practical advice that you can get there is simply unmatched. Unlike regular blog posts and articles full of opinions, on HN you actually get to listen from people who have been doing A/B testing since ages (patio11) or people who have tremendous background in A/B testing (btilly).

In this post I will list some of the most interesting HN links and discussions on A/B testing. Make sure you check out discussions on each one of them. HN discussions contain far more information and advice than the actual link itself. (Warning: following links and discussions will yield value only if you spend time digesting them – simply bookmarking this post and then doing nothing about it won’t help you become an A/B testing ninja)

General Discussions:

Discussions on Case Studies:

I will keep this list updated as more interesting discussions on A/B testing crop up on HN. The forum is not just about A/B testing, there is a lot you can learn and discuss on Hacker News. So my recommendation to you would to start hanging out there, participating on all the interesting discussions.

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