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15+ Free A/B Split Testing Resources

There are NOT a lot of free resources available on the Internet for A/B Testing. This post tries to lists the best tools, guides and resources for A/B Testing. As it will be an ever growing list, feel free to make suggestions for additions into the list.



Show case of existing A/B Tests


15 Free AB Testing Resources


Additional Tools made by VWO for helping you get started with A/B Testing

If you have any other suggestions for additions in the list, I will be happy to add them. Just leave a comment.


Founder and Chairman of Wingify.

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  1. @Richard – If I am not wrong, MixPanel does not provide A/B testing functionality out of the box. Correct me if I am wrong and I will be happy to add it in the list

    @Loïc Thanks for the suggestion but there are a lot of calculators on the net for A/B Testing; this list collects tools which allow you to do A/B testing

  2. Nice, I have many attorneys and clients asking about A/B testing so I can now just forward them this post. Getting them to try new stuff like this is like pulling teeth sometimes.

  3. A very useful resource in the making here guys! Based on our experience of running 1000s of tests over the years, we put together the article above; “Top 3 Most Profitable Pages for Multivariate Testing”.

    Each point is illustrated with a real-wold client success story. Hopefully it will be of interest to some of your readership who might be wondering where to start with their testing strategies!

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  5. offers a jQuery plugin to do A/B (switch) testing.
    The plugin and neccesary server code is there. There is a commercial hosted server for those not wanting to mess with a server.

  6. Awesome list, thanks Paras! We’ve been working hard to put together a comprehensive list of resources on A/B testing, esp. when it comes to mobile app development.

    Here’s a list of what we’re currently covering – and you can expect a lot more to come:

    -A/B Testing for Mobile Apps
    -Interpreting A/B Test Results
    -A/B Testing and Personalization
    -Auto-Optimization (using bandit algorithms)

    Some things we’re working on for the near future:
    -Sample Size Calculator
    -Significance Calculator
    -Bayesian Bandit Simulator
    -Minimum Detectable Effect Calculator

    Would love to hear more about what you would like to see: What are your greatest pain points when A/B testing? What would make your life easier when A/B testing?

    You can check out the full set of resources here: Enjoy!

  7. I know this post was published a while ago, but if anyone’s interested, we tried to put together a super comprehensive conversion optimization guide here. It’s free, not gated or any BS:

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