The Complete DIY Guide To Improving Conversions in 60 Days

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Why you must read this eBook

At VWO, we understand how daunting and time-consuming CRO can seem, so we joined hands with HubSpot to bring you a DIY guide that will help you learn and implement process-oriented CRO for your business.

In our experience of working with 5,000+ customers across the globe, we’ve seen that the journey from start to the first few home runs in optimizing conversions usually takes eight weeks. Therefore, we’ve designed this guide to take you on a week-by-week journey on how you can sustainably lift your conversion rates.


  • Conducting a conversion rate audit
  • Identifying areas to improve in your funnel
  • Understanding why and what your users do on your site
  • Constructing hypotheses and prioritizing them
  • Choosing the right experiment and split testing 101
  • Analyzing and learning from your experiment results

Download this ebook, and it will equip you with the know-how of increasing conversion rates constantly instead of doing it just once. Even if your company is young or on a shoestring budget, with the help of this eBook, you would be able to effectively practice conversion optimization in-house all by yourself.

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Mason Furr
VWO has been an incredible partner and their platform helps us get real results with tangible insights for our clients. The ability to set up as many goals as you want, on the fly, is incredibly valuable to keep an experiment moving and get as much insights as possible.  
Mason Furr
Associate Director of Performance Marketing, Noble Studios

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