The Complete DIY Guide To Improving Conversions in 60 Days

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At VWO, we understand how daunting and time-consuming CRO can seem, so we joined hands with HubSpot to bring you a DIY guide, which will help you learn and implement process-oriented CRO for your business.


In our experience of working with 5,000+ customers across the globe, we’ve seen that the journey from start to first few home runs in optimizing conversions usually takes 8 weeks. Therefore, we’ve designed this guide to take you on a week-by-week journey on how you can lift your conversion rates in a methodical, sustainable manner.


After you’ve followed this guide, you’ll be equipped with the know-hows to increase conversion rates time and again, instead of doing it just once. What’s more, even if your company is young or on a shoestring budget, you would be able to effectively practice conversion optimization in-house, all by yourself.




  • Conducting a conversion rate audit
  • Constructing hypotheses and prioritizing them
  • Identifying areas to improve in your funnel
  • Choosing the right experiment and split testing 101
  • Understanding why and what your users do on your site
  • Analyzing and learning from your experiment results

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