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Generating Copy Recommendations on Your Website using AI

Anshul Gurbaxani Anshul Gurbaxani 2 Min Read

VWO now enables you to generate recommendations for the existing copy on your website. You can select any text (such as headlines, descriptions, button texts, etc.) on your website and see alternatives for it. This makes it very easy for you to fine-tune your brands’ positioning, update the existing section headings, and even test different button texts. You can test these changes or rollouts them on your website.

An AI language prediction model powers the suggestions. It is a powerful AI text generation system that generates near-human quality text content. VWO has integrated this model into its visual editor to generate recommendations for the existing copy of the text-based elements on your website. This makes it very easy for anyone to choose an alternative from AI-generated ideas and readily use it in your A/B test variation.

When you open your website in the visual editor and click on some text on your page (headings, product descriptions, button text, etc.), you will see a Suggest Variations option. Clicking on this will display the AI-based suggestions for it. Use it to generate suggestions for headlines, product descriptions, CTA buttons, etc. The suggestions are best generated for English-language websites, but it should work for all major languages, too.

We are also hosting a Humans vs AI contest where we invited businesses to test existing copy on their website against AI-generated copy. At the time of publishing this post, one test had AI copy winning and we are awaiting results on others. You can visit the contest result page and see screenshots of all participating tests.

This feature is still in Beta but it is free to use for all of our customers. If you have any feedback on the feature, please send it to support@vwo.com. To learn more about this feature, refer to this knowledge base article.

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