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Content Improvement Helped Tulos Increase Conversions By 127%

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Helsinki (Finland)

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A/B Testing

VWO and Tulos

This success story is based on an interview with Tulos who A/B tested some changes on the webpage of one of their clients, Scandinavian Outdoor Store. They detail further how they managed to increase conversions and reduce the bounce rate by making minor changes to the headline.


The page in this case was the front page of the product category for men’s clothing.

The conversion goal was to get more visitors to add products into the shopping cart and to have fewer bouncing visitors from the test page.


We tested the variations for the headline of the page. The original headline included only the text Men’s Clothing.

The winning test combination included the following text (free transcription from Finnish to English): Order Men’s Clothing easily for bargain prices.

Men's Clothing Page

The original version didn’t have any text under the headline. The Tulos team tried adding a short block of text that included a few links to best bargain products of this product category.

Also, the original text did not have any text about the bargain prices on the front page of this product category. So, the team thought it was obvious that this test variation would have a significant impact on the performance. They also tested how the mention of bargain prices would affect the bounce rate and engagement to adding products to the shopping cart.


The variation that included more selling headline and bargain text outperformed the original version by having a 127% improvement against the original plain version.

Key Takeaway
You shouldn’t underestimate or rule out the value of great text content on product category pages of online stores.

Team’s Experience with VWO
VWO was a great and easy to use tool for setting up A/B tests, without any technical installation issues.

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