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Hush Blankets: On track to earn over $1M in additional revenue with increased A/B testing velocity

23% Revenue

About Hush Blankets

Canada-based Hush Blankets was founded in 2017 by Lior Ohayon and Aaron Spivak to improve adult sleep. Infused with deep touch pressure technology, the Hush Weighted Blanket can be used to help solve problems like stress, anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), insomnia, depression, attention deficit disorder (ADD), and autism.

Before starting Hush blankets, Lior had experience volunteering at a camp for children with special needs. This was where the inspiration for the weighted blanket came. Fast forward a few years and he decided to take the leap and design the world’s first sleep-inducing blanket for adults.

Hush Blankets have been partnering with VWO since April 2020 to optimize their website experience and conversion rates. And with the immaculate results, they hope to further this partnership.


Hush Blankets has partnered with VWO Services to bring expertise in the process of website optimization. Delivering delightful website experiences to customers is pivotal to high conversion rates and thereby, revenue – this is the overarching philosophy behind each experiment conducted on the Hush Blankets website.


VWO Services identified two key pages that had both functional and usability issues.

Test 1. Cart Page – Mobile

  • There were a lot of links on the cart page that took users to top-of-the-funnel pages. These links were receiving a lot of clicks and hence, fewer people were moving to checkout due to these distractive links.
  •  Some customer reviews on the cart page were negatively impacting users’ behavior. On the cart page, users’ intent is purchase oriented, and showing poor reviews can discourage them from making a purchase.
  • The cart didn’t auto-update on changing quantity which increased click effort from users.

Test 2. Product Pages – Desktop

  •  As observed with funnel analysis, the drop off on the product pages was more than 70%.
  •  Through further visitor behavior analysis using VWO Insights, it was found that people were spending more time reading through the lengthy description and reviews.
  •  Clicks on ‘Add to cart’ were fewer compared to other elements of the page as observed in the heatmaps of these product pages.

These challenges had to be addressed immediately.

Tests run

Test 1 – Redesign Cart Page (Mobile)

Owing to the several issues identified on the cart page on mobile it was decided to redesign the page in its entirety and test the new version. The following changes were made on the existing cart page, which became the variation:

  • The top header hamburger menu and footer navigation links were removed to reduce distraction.
  • Poor reviews were removed.
  • The functionality required to auto-update the cart when users change the quantity was built to reduce click effort.

The team hypothesized that a new design with the above changes would increase engagement with the checkout button and take more users to the checkout page.

comparison of control & variation in the first ab test on Hush blankets

The A/B test ran for 14 days. All traffic visiting the cart page on mobile participated in the test, with a 50-50 split between the control and the variation. The variation outperformed the control with a 10.52% uplift in visits to the checkout page. As a bonus, total checkouts (measured as visits to the Thank You page) also saw an uplift of 15.48% resulting in a net 23% uplift in revenue. This implies an estimated uplift in annual revenue of approximately USD 337,000.

Test 2 – Redesign Product Display Page for Hush Classic (For Canada-based Desktop Users)

Owing to the several problems on the product page on desktop, it was decided to redesign the page in entirety and test the new version. The following changes were made to the existing product page:

  • The left section with images was made sticky on scroll and the right textual section was made scrollable. This would give users access to the images which typically act as a big influencer in an online purchase decision.
  • Image thumbnails were displayed vertically to the left of the main image so that images take less screen space allowing more space for the text.
  • More emphasis was placed on the interest-free installment payment option by increasing its font size.
  • Selection boxes were made smaller and sized evenly so that the CTA could be pushed to the first fold of the page.
  • Descriptions and reviews were arranged into an accordion to prevent users from spending more time in reading lengthy descriptions.
  • Aggregated product rating was included below the title in the first fold of the page to highlight it.

The team hypothesized that a new design (which would become the variation) with the above changes would reduce the drop-off from the product pages and entice more users to click the main CTA, sending them down the conversion funnel, therefore increasing the number of transactions.

comparison of control & variation in the second ab test on Hush blankets

The A/B test ran for 15 days with the entire desktop traffic participating in the test. Traffic was equally split between the control and the variation. The variation won the test with an observed uplift of 5.67% in conversion rate (visits to checkout page). This also led to a 33.15% uplift in checkout rate (measured as visits to the Thank You page) leading to an overall uplift in revenue of 51.32%. This implies an annual uplift of USD 720,000 in revenue.


By solving obvious problems in website experience through well-defined and well-thought-out redesigns, backed by research and analysis, Hush Blankets was able to see massive improvements in not just the key metrics of the tests, but also revenue. The variations have been made live on the website, thereby making the website more efficient, and helping Hush Blankets realize more revenue with each passing day.

With such early wins, the co-founder of Hush Blankets has more confidence in VWO Services. They are now looking to up their testing velocity and being more data-driven in their website optimization journey. Testing and then making changes on the website gives them more confidence in each website change, and this is followed by understanding the impact of each such change. This is something they’d definitely like to continue with in the future.

VWO gives you the ease and confidence to validate your test ideas before you ship them. Take a free trial to understand how.

Hush Blankets


Ontorio, Canada



Experiment goals

Increase CTR on checkout page, Increase the number of transactions


23% increase in Revenue

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