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How SafeSoft Solutions Increased Leads Using VWO

100% Leads

About SafeSoft Solutions

SafeSoft Solutions is an industry-leading provider of multichannel marketing automation software. It develops a range of products for customer contact centers.

A fairly common situation faced by eCommerce website owners everywhere is whether or not to clearly display the prices of what they’re selling. Displaying the price (along with the product or service features) would allow visitors to judge immediately whether they want to buy or not.

From a usability standpoint, it’s a highly efficient process. However, if you’re trying to get the visitor to engage with you, intuition says that after they have all the information they need, it’s either a 1 or a 0; a buy or a don’t buy. There’s no 0.5 in between where the business can talk to the visitor and help them make up their mind.

This is where A/B testing comes handy. It has an interesting tendency to walk-in, smash intuition right out of the window, and leave the concerned people feeling pleasantly surprised.


In September 2011, SafeSoft Solutions ran a PPC campaign for their Market Dialer product, looking to generate leads through a contact form. They faced a decision whether or not to include the pricing for Market Dialer at a prominent place on the landing page.

Tests run

Like any smart marketer, SafeSoft Solutions A/B tested price display next to the form.

This is how the original form looked:

SafeSoft control - VWO case study


The variation included a large green image with the price.

SafeSoft variation - VWO case study


The result: a 100% jump in leads generated. This took SafeSoft by surprise, but they found that displaying the price makes the offer more attractive to their customers.

Lessons from This Test

It’s hypothetical, but this is what we think. It’s likely that the features provided by the product were relevant to the visitors, but they weren’t submitting their details, because they already had a competing product in mind and wanted to avoid talking to another sales/marketing person.

The visitors who saw the variation with the price image decided that the value provided was good for the asking price and were happy to provide their details. Therefore, this should work most where the price (for a similar set of features) is competitive.

About VWO, the tool they used to set up and run the test, Nima Hakimi of SafeSoft said it was “extremely useful.”

What do you think is the best way for SafeSoft to test this hypothesis of ours? Please tell us (and SafeSoft) in the comments. Also, share any similar or contrary experiences you might have had with price displays.

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100% increase in Leads

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