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Dynamically Personalize Your PPC Landing Pages

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VWO’s custom targeting allows you to focus your ad campaigns to the very last step by dynamically changing the landing page according to the ad clicked.

How does it work?

Let us say you are running an Ad campaign for selling black dresses online. Your ad group "black dresses online" contains ad copies and a landing page that target visitors who are looking to buy black dresses online.

In order to cater to individual choices, you create separate ads for visitors who are looking to buy "black dresses", "Little Black Dresses" or "most popular Little Black Dresses" online.
PPC image
PPC image
With VWO's custom targeting, your landing page can match the specific ad offerings for your visitors. Simply add query parameters to your ad URLs and your personalized landing pages will be matched to the ad clicked!

How to set up a Personalization campaign in VWO

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