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How Hyundai Used MVT To Achieve A 208% Increase In CTR

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A/B Testing

Hyundai and VWO

In Netherlands, Hyundai hired Traffic4U, an experienced, international online marketing agency that specializes in result-driven online marketing, to optimize conversion rates from their lead-generation pages (leading to test drives). Traffic4u is a VWO-certified partner. Being familiar with the powerful capabilities of VWO, they chose it for testing and optimization on

This success story describes how Traffic4U used VWO and was able to achieve a 62% increase in conversion rates for Hyundai.


Increase Conversions in the Form of Visitors Requesting Test Drives

Hyundai has landing pages for all of their car models where people can request for a test drive or download a brochure. These landing pages mainly get traffic from paid advertising campaigns (but get some direct and SEO traffic too). Hyundai wanted to make the most of this traffic.

Specifically, the company had 3 goals:

  • Increase the number of brochure requests and/or requests for test drives.
  • Increase click-throughs from the landing page of the specific car model to the first step of the funnel.
  • Measure engagement (inverse of the bounce rate).


Multivariate Testing Helped Identify the Benefits from Specific Changes

The main difference between A/B testing and multivariate testing is that in an A/B test, multiple changes are made to a single variation while in multivariate testing, every change made creates a new variation that is tested. So, multivariate testing is useful when there are multiple ideas to test on a page, as it tells you exactly which changes impact your conversion rates and which don’t.

Traffic4U decided to conduct a multivariate test on each car page on, because
Hyundai’s car landing pages had a lot of different elements (car headline, car visuals, description, testimonials, and others). A multivariate test would help understand which elements influenced a visitor’s decision to request a test drive or download a brochure.

Traffic4U set up a multivariate test and decided to create variations of the following sections of the page:

  • New (SEO friendly) text versus control text: The hypothesis was that if a change from normal text to SEO-friendly text did not impact conversion rates, the change could be permanently implemented for SEO benefits.
  • Extra call to action buttons versus no extra buttons: The hypothesis was that an extra call to action button highlighted a desired action and would nudge visitors in that direction.
  • Large photo of the car versus thumbnails: The hypothesis was that larger photographs would attract visitors and also help them confirm that they are on the right page. A total of 8 combinations (3 sections, 2 variations each = 2*2*2) were generated for this multivariate test.

Here’s a screenshot of the original page:

Traffic4U was spot on with all 3 changes. The results of this multivariate test were phenomenal. The variation with SEO text, extra buttons, and larger images increased conversion rates (request for test drive or brochure) by 62%. And there was a staggering 208% increase in click-through rates (step 1 to step 2).

Here’s what the winning variation looked like:

The outcomes of the optimization based on this multivariate test were so impressive that this test won the silver in the annual WhichTestWon awards!


VWO Features Helped Hyundai Achieve 62% Increase in Leads

Objectivity is a clear benefit from using a hypothesis-based approach with an appropriate application (such as VWO). Adding the SEO text may have impacted traffic a little; but in this case, any such decrease was more than offset by the gains made by the other changes. Rather than guessing your way through, setting up a multivariate test can easily help you choose the preferred course.

Traffic4U used heuristics and drew upon their experience of best practices to come up with variations for this test (for example, larger pictures and clear call to action buttons). A
well-conducted multivariate test also helps validate best practices for future use.

This is what Janco Klijnstra from Traffic4U had to say about VWO:

VWO Testimonial Quote Icon

VWO is very valuable. It made it possible for us as an agency to build our own variations, test on a group of pages and measure different goals at once. Also the Analytics plug-in was very helpful in the analysis for segmentation purposes.

Janco Klijnstra

Janco Klijnstra

Product Manager, CRO (On behalf of Hyundai)
245 Traffic4u

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