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Second year in a row: 9 award winning A/B and Multivariate tests

Siddharth Deswal
Siddharth Deswal
I do marketing at VWO.

WhichTestWon LogoWhichTestWon is a website that features results of A/B tests and visitors can vote which version of a page won. This gamification of A/B tests has resulted in a huge community built around the website and the active discussions after each test are a testament to that. At the end of the year, they conduct the Online Testing Awards, where they select A/B test entries deemed most useful for marketers and optimization specialists. Update : WhichTestWon is now Behave.org

Last year during the Online Testing Awards 2012, VWO was the A/B testing software used by 9 award winners across multiple categories. The smashing bit is that we’ve repeated the performance this year too! VWO is the testing tool used by 9 award winners in the Online Testing Awards 2013, more than any other tool that participated.

The thought process and reason for these awards is something that we completely agree with – to inspire marketing professionals by showcasing A/B tests that can be immediately applied on their own websites. What they were also looking to do was highlighting those that go against intuition and best practices.

Without further ado, here are the tests that used VWO.

Dennis Publishing – CarBuyer.co.uk

Details: Which Position for Google AdSense Ads Increased Clicks – Bottom vs. Left Hand Rail
Award: Gold Ribbon – Ad Tests
Agency: In-house

screenshot of CarBuyer.co.uk


Details: Which Call to Action Button Increased Subscription Purchases by 31%?
Award: Silver Ribbon – Cart Tests
Agency: ContentVerve


 ion Interactive

Details: Which Copy Lead to More Clicks? ‘Customer Success’ vs. ‘Case Studies’
Award: Silver Ribbon – Copy Tests
Agency: In-house

home page of the website for ion interactive


Details: Which Add-to-Cart Creative Dramatically Increased Bra Sales?
Award: Gold Ribbon – Ecommerce Tests
Agency: e-dialog

screenshot of the product listing page for Palmers

Gemm Learning

Details: Which Radically Redesigned Lead Generation Page Increased Form
Award: Gold Ribbon – Form Element Tests
Agency: Fathom

screenshot of the home page of Gemm Learning

Rasmussen College

Details: Which Homepage Increased Student Inquiries – Click to Form or Form at End of Long Page?
Award: Silver Ribbon – Form Element Tests
Agency: Conversion Factory

screenshot of the home page of the website for rasmussen college


Details: Which Increased Premium Subscription Sales — a Cheap or Expensive, Next-Best, Middle Option?
Award: Gold Ribbon – Offer Tests
Agency: e-dialog

screenshot of the pricing page for WirtschaftsBlatt

OAD Reizen

Details: Which Button Copy Got More Visitors to Agree to Accept Cookies – ‘Accept and Continue’ vs. ‘Continue’?
Award: Silver Ribbon – Overlay Tests
Agency: Traffic4U

cookies notice pop-up on the home page of OAD Reizen

 For more insightful case studies, have a look at our case studies page.

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