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Optimization in Product

An Interview with Amazon Prime Video’s Sr. Product Lead Karan Peri

Duration: 70 minutes


Karan Peri

Karan Peri

Sr. Product Lead, Global User Experience, Amazon Prime Video

Experienced consumer Internet product leader with a strong background in technology and business. Ex-Product Lead for Flipkart's Mobile and Desktop Web experience including Flipkart Lite, the world's first large-scale Progressive Web App. Ex-Product Lead @ Microsoft for Live Sports and Content experience.

Rahul Jain

Rahul Jain

Ex - Product Management


I am a SaaS product evangelist having in-depth knowledge of building and growing software businesses across various industries and sizes. In the last decade, I have been fortunate enough to work with startups and fortune 500 companies that have helped me understand the entire spectrum of the software ecosystem. I also love sharing my learnings and experiences over social media platforms like LinkedIn and on my personal blog.

About The Session

How do you manage user experience when you are building products that touch the lives of millions of users per day?

Karan Peri, senior product lead, global user experience at Amazon Prime Video, finds himself asking this question quite often. He carries the responsibility of delivering enticing video experiences to Prime Video customers on large screens and living room devices so that they consume more of its content.

Previously, as a senior product manager at Flipkart (acquired by Walmart), Karan co-founded Flipkart Lite. With a mobile-app-like experience, Flipkart Lite weighs only a few kilobytes and is the world’s first eCommerce progressive web app.

Catch him LIVE in this exclusive interview-cum-freewheeling conversation with the associate director of product at VWO, Rahul Jain. A must-attend webcast for anyone building new products or improving the existing ones.

Key Questions

  • How to make product experience(s) delightful (one that builds a habit loop)?
  • Is experimentation always necessary (in favour of speed of shipping)?
  • Importance of product optimization for product managers.
  • What are some myths and traps of optimization?