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User-Centric CTA Tests by UsabilityWeb.nl for Increased Click-Throughs

80% Click-through rate

About Concept7

UsabilityWeb.nl is a Dutch blog/magazine on the topics of usability, user experience, and human-centered design. It’s an initiative by Concept7, which is one of our agency customers.


Test the changes in button text, from Huur mij in to Over mij.

The button called Huur mij in (Hire me) might scare people away, because they probably don’t want to do that right away.

By changing the label to Over mij (About me), visitors will be more inclined to click the link to view more information about Stefan.

Tests run

The button is called Huur mij in (Hire me), which might scare people away, because they probably don’t want to do that right away or first want to now something about Stefan which is also on that page.

Here are the statistics associated with Huur mij in:

Statistics (Sept. 2010)



Clickthrough rate


Here are the statistics associated with Over mij:

Statistics (Sept/ 2010)



Clickthrough rate




Over mij (About Me) had 80% higher click-through rate, compared to the text Hoor mij in (Hire Me).

By decreasing the weight of the label and making it more personal, visitors will more likely click the link.

53 Concept7


Groningen (Netherlands)



Experiment goals

Increase in CTR


80% increase in Click-through rate

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