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Education Services Company Tests Value Elements To Boost Revenue By 33%

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A/B Testing

VWO and Understand Quran Academy

Understand Quran Academy offers interactive courses that explain Islamic religious texts to people.

They used VWO to run a simple A/B test.

Objective: Increase Sales

Customers could choose between a $10 monthly plan or a $99 annual plan on its sign-up page. The page listed 7 ways in which it delivered value to its customers.

This is how the original page looked:

Understand Quran Academy VWO Success Story Control

100% Money Refund and iPhone App included were considered 2 important elements for customers. The team believed that highlighting these elements on the page would help increase sales.

Solution: Prominently Display Features and Benefits So Visitors See/Read Them created 2 icons to represent the 100% money refund guarantee and the Apple app store and placed these prominently on the sign-up page. Using VWO, they ran a simple A/B test to see how these icons impacted sales.

This is what the variation looked like:

Understanding Quran Academy VWO Success Story Variation

The test ran for 11 days.

Conclusion: 32.57% Increase in Sales

The hypothesis was proved, with the variation generating 32.57% more sales than the control. The results had a statistical significance of 98%.

As conversion optimization specialist Maruf Yusupov, representing, said, “I have seen many other cases where highlighting risk-free Guarantee icons worked so I wanted to try on this company too.

The 30-day Money Back Guarantee icon convinced more prospects to sign up by allaying potential customers’ fears regarding the purchase; it eliminated one of the biggest barriers to conversions—perceived risk. While the Guarantee icon took care of a potential customer’s skepticism, the Apple Store icon assured prospects (at least those with iPhones) that they could access content even on the move—a convenience benefit.

There are 2 takeaways from this test that can be called best practices:

1) Say it out loud.

No matter how hard-to-resist your discount offer or how compelling your value proposition is, it means nothing unless your customers are aware of it. The Money-back Guarantee and App features were already part of the text on the sign-up page.

But as Maruf Yusupov said, “We wanted to test if there is a positive impact if we highlight them. It seems there is.

2) Display it prominently.

If you have decided what value elements you want to highlight and how, place these at a strategic position on the page to attract maximum eyeballs. placed the icons in a way that these did not disrupt the natural eye flow. They made the icons larger than the call-to-actions (though not a best practice), which ensured that visitors see the guarantee icon before the call-to-action buttons. Also, the orange color of the Guarantee icon stood out in contrast to the green color of the CTAs and was hard to miss.

VWO Testimonial Quote Icon

…in this case we had a branded photo of an actual 160 Driving Academy student standing in front of a truck available, but we originally opted not to use it for the page out of concern that the student’s ‘University of Florida’ sweatshirt would send the wrong message to consumers trying to obtain an Illinois, Missouri, or Iowa license. (These states are about 2,000 kilometers from the University of Florida).

Brian Mckenzie

Brian Mckenzie

Senior PPC Manager
221 Spectrum Inc

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