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Majestic Wine Redesigned Its Category Page To Increase ‘Enquiry Form’ Submissions

201% Form submissions

About Majestic Wine

Majestic Wine is a well-known retailer of wines in the UK. The company launched its online store to grow its business by attracting clients from outside the UK as well.

The online marketing team at Majestic Wine uses VWO to test various optimization hypotheses aimed at improving conversions from its website.

Goals: Boost Conversion by Increasing Enquiry Form Submissions

Majestic Wine saw a lucrative opportunity in the weddings services space and wanted to boost conversions by increasing enquiry form submissions.

Tests run: Redesign Webpage and Test It for Conversions

Weddings represented a lucrative business opportunity for the company because catering to such occasions typically meant larger order sizes that would boost the average order value and margins.

The Majestic Wine team knew that it could improve conversions by making changes. But like most companies, they did not know what changes to make.

So, they began the process by gathering feedback from customers as well as in-store staff and other customer support executives. Analysis of these insights led them to conclude that their existing Weddings page did not provide a lot of the information potential customers were looking for. The team felt that that if they could get prospects to submit enquiries through the website, trained customer support staff could provide specific and relevant answers that in turn would help improve conversion rates.

This is how Majestic Wines’ wedding services page (control) originally looked:

Before making any changes to the website, the team decided to test the following hypotheses:

Reducing distractions like too many outbound links on the webpage can encourage more people to buy from them or submit the enquiry form.
Clearer articulation of their USP in the context of weddings will encourage more people to place orders or at least submit the enquiry form.
A video that explains their services will boost conversion rates.

The Majestic Wines team could have used multivariate testing. But with so many changes to be made, they concluded that testing so many elements individually would be quite time consuming, especially if they needed results that were statistically significant.

Instead, the team decided to launch a new, completely redesigned webpage and test for conversions. This was how the newly-designed webpage looked:

Majestic Wines new design version 1

The following main changes were made as part of the redesign:

Reduced clutter: The links originally on the right sidebar were shifted to the end of the page, so they were visible only to those visitors who were interested in that information. This reduced the risk that the links would distract visitors and potential customers.
Crisp Heading and Content: The new heading emphasized the value proposition to the clients with greater clarity. The new content was lot more engaging, because it showed a higher level of empathy with customers by directing them to the enquiry page and listing questions they might need help with before placing the order. The rewritten copy and the increased size of the subheadings did a better job of answering the “What’s in it for me” question for visitors and prospects.
Better images: More relevant images with better color contrast improved website aesthetics.
Clear Call-to-Actions: The clear call to actions and their placement on the top, middle, and bottom of the page made it easier for visitors to locate and get to the enquiry page (without spending much time on this task).
Video included: A visually-appealing video explained to users how they should proceed.

The redesigned webpage delivered a discrete improvement in conversion rates.

Website optimization is a continuous process, so the team went ahead and removed another distraction that still seemed to affect conversion rates, the Download PDF Party Planner button right next to their Make an Enquiry Now CTA button at the bottom of the page.

This is how the final version of the redesigned webpage looked:

Conclusion: 201% increase in Enquiry Form Submissions Followed by a Further 37% Lift

The first test resulted in a 201% improvement in the goal conversion rate (enquiry form submission) with statistical significance of 99.99%.

The removal of the Download PDF Party Planner button further boosted submission of enquiry forms by 36.9% with a 99.99% statistical significance.

Shown below are the original Majestic Wines webpage and the redesigned versions.

143 Majestic Wine






201% increase in Form submissions

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