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Outbound Links

What are outbound links?

Outbound links refer to links that redirect visitors from your website to another. They are frequently used within the text to send readers to other sources of information that further clarify the relevant aspects of the topic at hand.

Outbound links are sometimes referred to as “authority links” since authors frequently utilize them to support material in their articles and point readers to reliable sources.

Outbound links help with the below:

  • They clearly describe your specialization to search engines.
  • They provide the easiest means of contact and relationship-building with bloggers who write about similar topics.

Outbound links vs. Inbound links

The primary difference between the two types of links is that outbound links are links from your website to others whereas inbound links, also known as backlinks, are links from other websites to your website.

Benefits of outbound links

There are several reasons why outbound links should be given attention, even if they are not the first item that most SEOs consider when analyzing their websites. A few of the benefits are mentioned below. 

Boost in topical signals and depth

Outbound links can assist in showing readers the breadth of the content subject and direct them to additional resources they can utilize to discover more about those subjects, especially complicated ones.

Links pointing to pertinent material improve your website’s topical signals and provide Google with more context with which to interpret your site.

Value addition

A fantastic method to add value for your users is by linking to other websites. Links frequently aid readers in discovering extra information, checking out your sources, and better comprehending how your content relates to their queries.

Establish trust with your readers

Outbound links are the preferred method of citing sources while writing online to gain your readers’ confidence. When possible, always utilize the original version to lend an added degree of credibility.

Display of expertise

You have probably heard about the ‘EAT’ concept – 

E- Expertise

A- Authority

T- Trustworthiness of a web page

Outbound links, which direct readers to authoritative sources, are a good way to show that the author is an expert in their field.

Outbound links best practices

Below are some ideas for developing effective outbound links:

  • Provide links to articles that are both informative and add value.
  • Reference to pages with high domain or page authority.
  • Embed links to content with many social media shares and keep in mind the website’s legitimacy.
  • Build a group of bloggers by linking to the writers in your network or your area of expertise.


It is important to use outbound links judiciously to ensure that your content is credible and reliable. Without outbound links, it’s challenging to establish the authority required to perform well on the SERPs.