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Consolidated Label Improved User Experience To Increase Conversions

54 Consolidated Label



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Sanford, FL (US)

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A/B Testing

VWO and Consolidated Label

VWO has published quite a few success stories in the past, regarding the positive influence of call to action buttons. The testing could be in the form of adding a call to action button when original design didn’t have one, testing a different one or even in the form of different text for each call to action buttons.

Consolidated Label manufactures custom printed labels for retail products in a variety of markets, including Food, Beverage, Health & Beauty, and Health markets. They have segmented their services in 4 broad categories—Printing, Art, Quality, and Systems. They used VWO to A/B test a new design with a prominent call to action button.


Their original web design did not have any call to action buttons, so they tried A/B testing a new CTA on one of their product pages.


This is how the Food Labels section appeared on one of their product pages.

Consolidated Label control - VWO case study


In the middle of the description, they added a CTA titled Instant Online Quote.

This is how the variation appeared:

Consolidated Label variation - VWO case study

Result: The variation with the call to action button titled Instant Online Quote increased conversions by 62%.


On asking what lessons they learnt from testing, this is what Tracy Gamlin of Consolidated Label had to say:

Make your desired conversion goal obvious, but harmonious to the rest of the design. Also, giving people a few places on a page to get to the conversion accommodates different types of users. For example, the people who just want to get a quote get their button at the top of the page, whereas people who need more substantiation get the opportunity to quote further down the page after they’ve read more copy/seen more images.

If you still haven’t started A/B testing, now is a good time to give VWO a try, with unlimited simultaneous tests.

VWO Testimonial Quote Icon

We’ve found VWO to be immensely valuable for all of our testing needs.  Ultimately, it confirms our feelings with actual data – and many times it even surprises us!

Tracy Gamlin

Tracy Gamlin

Web Marketing Manager
54 Consolidated Label

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