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The Social Man Split Tested Page Changes To Increase Sign-Ups

28% Sign-ups

About The Social Man

The Social Man is in business to make men awesome. It has a variety of products and coaching packages that cover everything from flirting over text messaging, to being sexier, to overcoming social anxiety, and so on.


To convert visitors to email newsletter subscribers, and to get them to see a video about how a guy can learn to “talk like a ten.”

Tests run

The Social Man team tracked lead sources and used different landing pages for traffic from different sources. The traffic source was cold traffic from a dating website – CPM. They tested a lot of different bids and were surprised about the most profitable bid price.

The initial test was run with 3 different variations, each of headline and sub-head. When they found the best combination for those, they split the Submit button on a whim. One said Free Instant Access and the other said Watch The Video.

Here are the 2 versions:

Version A: Get Instant Access (11.9% conversion rate)

Version B: Watch the Video (15.3% conversion rate)

The Watch the Video version increased conversions from 11.9% to 15.3%an increase of 28%!

According to the team:

15% opt-ins for cold traffic off this particular site is amazing – We’re running ads/offers into a few very nichey demographics on that site that generate huge CTR’s (0.300-0.400; in comparison, the CTR on this campaign is 0.086 for our best creative) and haven’t beaten this conversion for any other squeeze page.


Key Learning

It’s always worth including action verbs like get, watch, download, enter, etc. in tests.

Thoughts About VWO

It’s so much easier – and more powerful – than Google’s website optimizer. We’re finding it to be an indispensable tool that made me excited about running tests again.

234 The Social Man


Austin, TX (US)




28% increase in Sign-ups

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