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Bandwidth increased their Visit-to-Lead Conversion by Revamping their Product Page

12% Conversion

About Bandwidth

Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Bandwidth is an eminent Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) company. Bandwidth’s API platform allows SaaS platforms, applications, and communications professionals seamless access to voice, text messaging, and 911 emergency calling capabilities over their own nationwide network.

Bandwidth has been using the VWO Experience Optimization Platform for the past 2 years for all their A/B testing and conversion optimization needs. We got in touch with Kevin Hill, Sr. Manager, Web & Search Marketing at Bandwidth to learn about the brand’s recent experiments and learn how effective they were in terms of conversion uplift.


Of the many successful A/B test campaigns that Kevin and the team have run to date, their primary goal has been to improve the overall performance of their website and let data guide business decisions. Their latest campaign was no different.

Discussing the experiment, the team unveiled that while analyzing the performance of their SMS API page, they felt a need to change the page’s overall design aesthetics and make it more palatable to increase visit-to-lead conversion rate.


Although the conversion rate of the page was in sync with the rest of the website, VWO Insights’ heatmap and scrollmap capability indicated low page engagement and scroll percentage, respectively. The qualitative data highlighted that there was some room for improvement in terms of enhancing the overall user experience.

Tests run

Kevin and the team spent a considerable amount of time analyzing the performance of the page and its primary conversion-fetching page elements. They hypothesized that by improving the page’s above-the-fold experience, the information architecture, and the value proposition messaging, they would witness an overall uplift in the page’s conversion rate.

The Test
Based on their hypothesis, the team designed a new and improved SMS API product page challenging the control. The changes made were:

  1. Improving the page’s hero image and supplementing it with crisp content
  2. Adding customer logos as social proofs
  3. Communicating the brand value proposition in a better manner

Here’s how the control and the variation looked:

A/B test on bandwidth.com

Control and Variation for A/B test on bandwidth.com

The primary metric tracked through the experiment was the visit-to-lead conversion rate. The experiment ran for about 60 days, and approximately 3500 visitors became a part of the test, with traffic split equally between the two versions. Kevin and the team saw that visitors much appreciated the variation experience over its counterpart, and hence, there was a sharp increase in the page’s visit-to-lead conversion rate. The variation won with a 12% jump in lead conversion rate over the control.

VWO is a great tool for understanding our users and improving our site! It’s testing functionality is critical to our data-driven approach to web design and conversion optimization. A/B testing remains the gold standard for understanding how different web designs impact performance and VWO’s A/B testing tools are top-notch.

Kevin Hill

Kevin Hill

Sr. Manager, Web & Search Marketing
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Next steps 

Based on the results, Kevin and the team rolled out the new page design and have begun the process of migrating other product pages to the same template. They’re looking forward to applying these learnings to other pages to drive similar improvements in the visit-to-lead conversion rate across their site!

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Bandwidth Logo png


North Carolina, USA



Experiment goals

Increase visit-to-lead conversion rate


12% increase in Conversion

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