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Effective Optimization with VWO

What should your clients expect from their future platform for Optimization & Personalization?

Four core aspects about VWO that you should be familiar with.

Simply put, VWO is…








VWO is highly scalable enterprise-grade platform for your client's experimentation & personalization needs

2009 VWO launched

20,000+ Customers served

1.1 Million+ Experiments run

220,000+ Users worldwide

450,000+ Websites powered

40 Billion+ Experiences optimized

150+ Countries of presence

No.1 As per G2's 2023 report

*All data as of Feb 2023 since inception

VWO is compliant with all privacy and security laws globally.
VWO also offers a EU data center.

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VWO is a Leader in the A/B Testing Category as per recent G2 Winter Reports

Map of Love

That's not all, the list of additional VWO capabilities continues…

Industry fastest - Time to Interact, Time to Title & Experiment Load Time

  • Flicker-free asynchronous SmartCode
  • Light-weight, secure SDKs for mobile and server
  • Global CDN to load website changes quicker and resolve variation failures

Test across every touch point

  • Front end
  • Serverside
  • Mobile App
  • IoT devices
  • Wearables

SDKs available for

  • Node.js, JavaScript, Java, NET, PHP, Python , Go, Ruby, Ruby on Rails
  • Android and iOS for mobile

Result accuracy

  • Smartstats - VWO’s Bayesian stats engine
  • Segment results even with custom dimensions & Segments

Best part, it is super easy to migrate to VWO

All campaign & data migration to VWO in under 30 seconds with VWO Chrome extension.

I was able to easily import my tests from Google Optimize using the new chrome extension. Very impressive. It was literally one click.

Anthony Calzadilla

Senior Web Developer

FinancialForce Logo

VWO is tightly integrated with the Google Ecosystem

Google Ads

Run tests or personalize for traffic from Google ads using custom segments.

Google Analytics

View VWO’s data for each variation & filter  based on the metrics defined in GA using custom dimensions. 

Google Tag Manager

Integrate with & use Google Tag Manager data layer variables & events to target visitors in VWO.

Google Analytics 4

As announced, VWO is working closely with the Google team on GA4 integration. Stay put!

Beyond this, VWO has native integrations with 40+ commonly used technologies

VWO support for your customers post migration

Live Chat Support
Email Support
24/5 Phone Support
Slack Support

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Industry 92%
VWO Logo 99%

First Response Time

Industry 2.6 hrs
VWO Logo 40 min

First Call Resolution

Industry 40%
VWO Logo 70%

VWO support for you
We'll accompany you through your needs


We will make it super easy for you to get started by assigning a dedicated point of contact.

Product Enablement

As many sessions as you need to understand the value VWO brings to the table.

Sales Enablement

Access to marketing asset library to showcase VWO's value props and deliver winning pitches.

Use case Analysis

Access to any dedicated help or documents you need on a deal by deal basis to help you close it.


Access to any help you need to run webinars, AMAs, specific campaigns to excite clients to run tests.

Closing Deals

Help with everything to do with pricing, contracts & POCs. Use VWO as your extended sales team.

To summarize, with over 200+ success stories, VWO strives to be the partner of your choice. We're super YOU focused.

31% Click-through Rate
3,600% Social Shares
208% Click-through Rate
87% Conversion Rate
202% Conversions
43% Bounce Rate
34% Form Submissions
90% Purchases
150% Leads

We've set up a dedicated team to help you with all queries. Simply send us a note.