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Change in the Placement of One Page Element Increased Sales by 79.34%

You can either concentrate on what you want your website to look like, or you can focus on how your users would want your website to be.

Placement and size of page elements can change eye flow on a web page to a great extent and impact your website conversion rate.

For example, Michael Aagaard recently changed the placement of testimonials on his landing page to see if their position above-the-fold and before the call-to-action button affect his conversion rate. And this increased his downloads by 64.53%.

One of our customers, who changed the placement of their call-to-action button also saw a sales lift of 35.6%.

The point is, there’s a lot more to your website design than its aesthetic appeal. And you can use it to improve the conversion rate of your website only if you begin to design eye flows.

In our current case study as well, our customer,, also changed the placement of the description box on their calculator page design, which gave a great boost to their sales figures.

About the Company is a Denmark-based company which makes customized stickers and vinyl-advertising for store-windows and cars. The calculator page on the website is made available to help visitors evaluate price according to their specific order requirement for these customized stickers.

Bonus here is that the higher the quantity of the order, the lesser per unit price would be.

Test Hypothesis

The hypothesis was that placing the description box above the fold and before the calculator would help users notice it more and influence their decision, which will increase conversions.

Here’s the Google translation of that description box:

White self-adhesive film with print. Can be used for stickers for cars, shop windows, machinery and much more. You can order down to one piece. The unit price is calculated from the total number of cm2, so the unit price will fall if you order a larger number.

This is the Original page they started out with: Original Calculator Page

This is the Challenger page after the placement of the description box was changed in Visual Website Optimizer from below-the-fold to the top of the calculator: Challenger Page


This change increased their sales by 79.34%. The change in placement of the box played a crucial role in conversions because it changed eye flow on the page.

The value conveyed in the description box and the mention of discounted price clearly influenced visitors’ decision-making here.

Here’s the comparison image for you to see the two versions together: Comparison Image

What’s Your Story?

I’m curious after hearing about these tests. Have you tried changing the placement of any elements on your website? Were the results positive or negative? It’s time that we discuss them in the comments section.

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  1. That’s a great increase for sure, but it begs the question how low (or poor) were their conversion rates in the first place?

    Still, a near 80% bump is quite excellent!

  2. Those are mind blowing results, I mean with simple placement changes, we can get jaw dropping results. 🙂

    Are there any case studies for decreasing bounce rate of the sites?

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