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Foliekniven A/B Tested Its Calculator Page To Increase Revenue

79.34% Revenue

About Foliekniven

Foliekniven.dk is a Denmark-based company that specializes in making customized
self-adhesive stickers and vinyl banners for advertising on store-windows and cars.

The company used the VWO platform for A/B testing website optimization opportunities.


The main goal of this testing campaign was to increase Foliekniven.dk’s sales.

Tests run

The website had a calculator page that allowed visitors to input their requirements (dimensions and number of stickers) and displayed the price. The original calculator page looked like this:

Techwyse landing page

The description box below the calculator carried the message that the minimum order was one piece, but because the price was based on the total film area (cm2), ordering a larger number of stickers would reduce unit price.

It was felt that placing the description box above the fold and before the calculator would make it easier for users to notice it. The hypothesis was that this change will lead more visitors to read the information on pricing, which can lead more of them to place orders, that is, conversions would increase.

Accordingly, a Challenger page was created and tested against the control (original page) by using the VWO platform. The goal tracked was conversions.

This is what the Challenger page looked like, with the description box positioned above the calculator. No other change was made.


The change in placement of the box played a crucial role in boosting conversions, leading to a 79.34% increase in sales. 

Here’s the comparison image for you to see the two versions together:

The new placement of the description box changed the eye flow on the page. This meant that more visitors to the page read the message and understood how ordering more pieces would help them get a lower unit price. This influenced their decision-making and pushed them to purchase.

96 Foliekniven





Experiment goals

Increase in revenue


79.34% increase in Revenue

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