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Optimization in Marketing

The Role of ML in Experience Optimization

Duration: 55 minutes


Selim Soytemiz

Selim Soytemiz

Director Online Sales

Trend Micro ANZ

Selim is responsible for developing key growth strategies, tactics and action plans for Trend Micro ANZ, SEA, and India

About The Session

When it comes to delivering personalized shopping experiences, one has to consider a good number of data points. Over time, as the amount of incoming data keeps increasing, improving shoppers’ experience iteratively can become an overwhelming task.

This is where Machine Learning can help.

Selim has 20+ years of experience in digital space. He has seen the eCommerce industry take shape into its current form and is well-positioned to predict how ML will shape the future of experiences.

Selim will share

  • How Machine Learning can help deliver personalized shopping experiences
  • How to enable unique digital experiences and transactions at every touchpoint
  • How to launch new sites, expand into new locales, increase sales, and grow your eCommerce business quicker