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Corcentric Used VWO To Almost Double The CTR From Its Home Page

Click-through Rate
61 Corcentric



Company Size

51–200 employees


New Jersey, US

Capabilities Used

A/B Testing

About Corcentric and VWO

Corcentric is a US-based provider of procurement and financial process automation software specializing in the Accounts Payable process. Corcentric’s configurable, cloud-based SaaS solution uses advanced imaging technology and workflow management techniques to reduce the risk of outsourcing the Accounts Payable function and makes the process more efficient.

The company hired Greenlane Search Marketing to help optimize the conversions on Corcentric’s home page. VWO tools were used to set up and run the A/B test as part of the process to identify optimization opportunities.


The company’s original home page clearly defined the value proposition offered by its solution. In addition, the home page had a bright yellow-colored CTA button that asked visitors to sign up for a demo.

Going by the Von Restorff effect, the yellow-colored CTA made the primary goal of the website stand out.


This is how the original home page looked:

Greenlane hypothesized that changing the CTA from Get a Demo to Free Demo would encourage more visitors to click the button.

To test the hypothesis, a variation was developed. This is what it looked like:

Using VWO tools, Greenlane ran the A/B test (variation against the control) for a period of 2 weeks, for close to 800 visitors.


The variation emerged as a clear winner, recording a 99.42% increase in the click-through rate of the CTA button. In other words, Corcentric’s website got 99% more clicks in just 2 weeks after it added the word “free” to its CTA on the home page.

Here’s why this small change resulted in big gains.

The word “free,” as mentioned in an article by Shopify, is one of 4 words with the ability to engage with customers at a subconscious level. The word “free” has also featured in almost every marketer’s list of must-use words in headlines, CTAs, and copy. And if neuroscience marketing blog is to be believed, FREE! is more powerful than any rational economic analysis would suggest.

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