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Cocohanee Increased Number of Transactions Using VWO

40% Transactions

About Cocohanee

Founded in 2019 by Jinuk Lee, Cocohanee is an eCommerce website that specializes in clothing and related items for kids. Whether it’s a sleepover, a party, or the first day at school, Cocohanee caters to indulge all that a child needs for their next look.

Before working with VWO Services, Cocohanee had no history of experimentation for optimization. They were on a look-out for:

  • A robust platform that would enable them to run advanced tests without the need to code extensively
  • A single platform to track all the experiment metrics
  • A team that would actively assist in ideation as well as implementation

The VWO Experience Optimization Platform along with VWO Services checked-out all the boxes and since early 2020, Cocohanee has been using VWO for all its optimization needs. We got in touch with Jinuk Lee, Founder at Cocohanee, to learn all about 2 of their many recent A/B testing wins. Let’s dive in!


The main objective of the Cocohanee website is to drive sales. The team’s aim to deliver a great experience on the website which leads to sales is paramount. Identifying breakages and improving them through continuous and robust testing is the way-of-life for the team at Cocohanee. We explore two of the recent testing successes here:

Test 1 Objective: Increasing add-to-cart clicks and overall conversion.

Test 2 Objective: Increasing visits to the listing pages.

Tests run

Test 1 – Adding USPs on the product page

Objective: Increasing add-to-cart clicks and overall conversion.

Observation: The team at Cocohanee noticed that their return policy, as well as shipping cost, were not displayed anywhere on the website. This may have caused many potential buyers to abandon.

Hypothesis: The team hypothesized that displaying Cocohanee’s return policy and shipping cost below the page’s 2 main CTAs would nudge users towards completing a purchase.

Solution: To achieve the goal of increasing add-to-cart clicks and overall conversions, the proposed change of adding Cocohanee’s return policy and shipping charges below the main CTAs were made, to be tested against the control. Below is a comparison image between the control and variation for your reference:

Control & Variation on Cocohanee

Results: The test ran for 14 days with 100% of Cocohanee’s traffic being split equally between the control and variation. The variation won with a 16% increase in their Add-to-Cart CTA and a 17% increase in revenue. 

Test  2 – Redesigning the Hamburger Menu (Mobile)

Objective: Increasing visits to the listing pages.

Observation: Many visitors were clicking on the hamburger menu icon, but their engagement with the menu itself was very low. This was because the sub-categories on the hamburger menu were not shown to the visitors directly. They had to click on a category to view its sub-categories.

Hypothesis: Showing the sub-categories to the visitors directly will lead more visitors to the listing pages.

Solution: To run the test, the proposed change of showing the sub-categories directly when they open the hamburger menu was made into a variation to be tested against the control. Here is a comparison image of the two:

changes on the menu for cocohanee ecommerce store

Results: The test ran for 22 days with 100% of Cocohanee’s traffic being split equally between the control and variation. The variation won with a 4% uplift in listing pages’ visits. Additionally, the test resulted in a 28% uplift in eCommerce conversion rate, a 29% increase in transactions, and a 17% increase in AOV (Average Order Value).

Prior to working with VWO, we designed our website through intuition, not facts. VWO provided a data-driven approach to analyze user behavior and helped us achieve our target metrics. We now work by data, not intuition. Our CRO consultant from VWO has been a trooper to prioritize the problems to tackle and was 24/7 available.

Jinuk Lee

Jinuk Lee

Cocohanee Logo


The 2 successful tests proved that even simple UI changes go a long way to improve user experience and conversions. In the first case, simply adding the return policy and shipping charges in the checkout page and in the second case, making the sub-categories directly accessible to the visitors resulted in reduced visitors’ cognitive load and contributed greatly to increasing overall transactions for Cocohanee by 40% in just 3 months. 

The tests discussed in this success story were amongst the many successful ones Cocohanee has conducted so far and which have contributed to the increased transactions. With VWO Services on board, the team has been testing every change, analyzing visitor behavior, and improving their website experience, one page after another.

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Cocohanee Logo


Jakarta, Indonesia



Experiment goals

Increase add-to-cart clicks, Increase visits to the listing pages


40% increase in Transactions

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