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Deliver targeted messages to your preferred audience

VWO allows you to identify different visitor segments and deliver a personalized experience for each of these segments.


Run your tests for a select group of visitors

Choose from 13 preset popular visitor segments within VWO or build your own targeting segment with 15 custom parameters. Here’s a glimpse of segments you can choose from:

  • Target by source/medium/campaign
  • Search traffic - paid/non-paid
  • Mobile/Desktop/Tablet traffic
  • OS/Browser/User agent
  • Others



Deliver a personalized experience for each visitor segment

Once you have identified what content works best for what type of visitors, you can easily match the desired experience to the specific visitor segment using VWO. This means that you can deliver short-form landing pages to mobile visitors while displaying a detailed version of the webpage to visitors with larger screens.

Connect the dots in the optimization journey of a specific visitor segment

Pick a visitor segment that matters most to your business. Within VWO, you can track visitor journey across your website, see what Goals the visitors converted for, what forms they filled, where they dropped off, what tests they became a part of, and thus, deliver customized offers to match their needs.

Ubisoft Used A/B Testing to Increase Conversions by 12%

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