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Dorado Fashion Increased eCommerce Conversion Rate Using VWO

80% Conversion

About Dorado Fashion

Founded in 2017, Dorado Fashion is an online fashion and accessories store based out of the United States of America that sells custom necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, and more. 

Prior to using VWO Services, Dorado Fashion had no history of experimentation for optimization. They were on a look-out for:

  • A platform that would let them run advanced tests without the need to code extensively
  • A team that would actively assist in ideation and as well as implementation 
  • A single platform to track all the experiment metrics

VWO ticked all of these boxes, and Dorado Fashion has been using VWO Services since 2019 for all their experience and conversion optimization needs. Request a demo if you would like to discuss your needs with VWO’s optimization experts.


At an organizational level, Dorado Fashion wanted to increase sales and identify experience breakages in their existing website through continuous and robust testing. The aim was also to improve conversions for their store from different social channels. 

Each of the tests discussed here had a different end goal:

Test  1: Increasing Average Order Value (AOV)

Test  2: Increasing overall business conversions

Tests run

Dorado Fashion, in collaboration with VWO Services, ran a series of tests  to optimize their website and improve conversions. Discussed below are various campaigns that helped Dorado Fashion increase their eCommerce conversion rate:


Test  1: Adding bundle offer in the mini cart, on all devices

Objective: Increasing Average Order Value (AOV)

Observation: High drop-off on the checkout page was leading to a high cart abandonment rate. The probable causes were :

  • The absence of offers to potential customers when 1 product is added to the cart
  • No saving amount being shown to potential customers to make them complete a purchase
  • Customer confusion between the total amount they are saving and any additional discounts

Hypothesis: The team at Dorado Fashion hypothesized that providing discount offers upfront on the checkout page would result in reduced drop-offs. With the aim of increasing AOV by incentivizing additional product purchases, a notice “You are 1 product away to get Extra 30% Off” was added in the variation.

Control 1st


Variation 1st


Results: The test ran for 26 days and the variation won with a 14.14% increase in clicks to the Thank You page, and the variation was made live for the entire audience. 


Test  2 – Redesigning the search icon for Mobile Device

Objective: Increasing overall business conversions

Observation: The Dorado Fashion team ran heatmaps on the homepage and noticed that 30% of the visitors clicked on the search icon but only 1% searched for the products. This was primarily because the search results were inaccurate, and additionally, heatmaps using VWO Insights indicated that visitors were getting distracted by the background. 

Hypothesis: By directing visitors’ focus only on the search bar, and by helping them with popular searches (which can be controlled) visitors would land on desired landing pages, thereby, increasing overall business conversions.

Control 2nd


Variation 2nd


Results: The test ran through VWO Testing for 33 days and the variation won with a 26.55% increase in conversion rate compared to control.


The journey with VWO unraveled the true potential of Conversion Rate Optimization for Dorado Fashion. CRO now sits at the center of all of Dorado Fashion’s optimization efforts. They continue to use VWO Services to test more on their checkout pages with the goal of increasing their sales and improving their conversion rate even further. If you would like to optimize your checkout and landing pages through quick and easy A/B tests, take a free trial with VWO

After the 80% increase in overall eCommerce conversion rate resulting from the above-enumerated campaigns, that too in just 3 months, the team at Dorado Fashion intends to continue the winning experiment streak with many future steps planned:

  • With 97% of their traffic coming from mobile devices, Dorado Fashion plans to focus more on delivering a stellar app-like mobile experience to the users
  • Developing a funnel-like user experience on mobile devices, including a one-step checkout
  • Making the personalization process easier for users
  • Testing the order of sections on the product page layout to find that one order, that resonates with the users most
Dorado Fashion Logo


Chattanooga, USA



Experiment goals

Increase AOV, Increase overall conversion rate


80% increase in Conversion

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