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Analyze how visitors flow through the conversion funnel

Get in the shoes of your visitors with VWO’s qualitative research capabilities. Discover specific insights that help you nudge visitors to the next step.


Find out where visitors are dropping off

Analyze your form reports to find out how visitors interact with forms, what fields they fill in first and what causes them to drop-off.

Truly Understand Form Behavior

Form submits show overall data of how many people submitted the form. With VWO, you can also look at field-level statistics to see beyond your average submission rate.

Form Analysis in VWO

Total Time

The average time taken by visitors to complete the form as well as the average time spent on a particular field. This data will help you spot form fields that require the longest time to fill. You can work on simplifying these fields to improve the completion time.

Interaction Time

The average of actual time spent in filling out a form field. If visitors spend too much time on a particular field, you may want to make the field optional or move it toward the end of the form.

Hesitation Time

The average idle time spent on a form field. This includes time spent in thinking, confusion regarding what the field means, or any other ambiguity related to the field.


The percentage of visitors that refilled a particular field. A high percentage of refills indicates that the visitors are finding it difficult to interpret what the field means.


The number of visitors who submit the form but leave the field blank. Fields that are repeatedly ignored by visitors are major contributors to form abandonment.


The form metric that shows the number of visitors who did not submit the form and the specific field where they abandoned the form.

Visualize the form conversion funnel

VWO Forms gives you an insight into how visitors progressed through each stage of your form’s conversion funnel.

Form funnel report

See how many visitors landed on a form, what percentage interacted with the form, and how many of them finally submitted. The report also includes data on drop-offs at each stage.

Date-range graphs

Date-range graphs help you compare your forms’ conversion data over time. You can also annotate these graphs to record changes made (such as started an Adwords campaign or optimized a form landing page) on specific dates.

Drill-down for insights

Slice and dice your form reports to see results for different segments.

Visitor Segments

Filter your Form report by creating your own advanced custom segments using complex and/or and bracketing logic conditions or choose from VWO’s 20 predefined segments including

  • New vs returning visitors
  • Mobile, desktop and tablet traffic
  • Paid search traffic
  • Browser
  • Query parameter
+ 15 more

Advanced filters

See form reports for visitors who completed or skipped a goal, or dropped off at a funnel step. For example, you can now analyze how visitors who saw a variation in an A/B test interacted with your sign-up form.

Segmentation in VWO

VWO Forms Have a Lot More

Auto-detect / Manual Tracking

Enter the URL of your website, and VWO will automatically detect all your forms and start collecting data. You can also choose to select certain forms and manually add them to your tracking list.

Add observations

See a lot of people interacting with the form but not submitting? Add your Observation right there, and VWO saves a snapshot of your form report along with it.

Share reports

Share your form reports with colleagues to brainstorm and discover insights.

Real time

VWO Forms record data in real time so that you don’t miss any submit or drop-offs.

Observing your users will give you ideas to make improvements. Use VWO’s Plan capabilities to collaborate with your team for creating and prioritizing your testing hypotheses, based on these ideas.
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