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Celebrating Experiment-Driven Marketing

Celebrating Experiment-Driven Marketing

An online event by VWO featuring leaders in Conversion Optimization and User Experience Design.

Day 1

Performance: Each 0.1 Second Is Worth $18M For Bing

Ronny Kohavi Ronny Kohavi, Microsoft

Every millisecond decides whether a user will stay or leave Bing. In this session, hear from Ronny himself how Bing ensures a great experience to its users.

Embedding Experimentation In Company Culture

Paras Chopra Paras Chopra, VWO

To rule opinions out of decision making you need to have experimentation mindset throughout the company. Paras shares how you can do that in 4 steps.

Value Proposition: The One Thing That Really Matters

Rui Matos Rui Matos, Kaspersky

In this session, you will learn why value proposition is the single most important thing to test for huge conversion uplifts.

Day 2

How Booking.com Manages Large Scale Experiments

Lukas Vermeer Lukas Vermeer, Booking.com

Curious how a business with million visitors across the world runs experiments at such a large scale? Get your answers in this interview with Lukas.

Step Into Your Customers' Shoes With User Research

Brian Massey Brian Massey, Conversion Sciences

In this interview, Brian shares the methodology that can be used for user research, and how businesses can squeeze out insights from user research studies.

Attract Customers By Speaking To What They Really Value

Alan Klement Alan Klement, Revealed

This presentation will walk you through a case study of how a company applied JTBD theory to understand what consumers really wanted.

Day 3

Behavioral Science For Better Hypothesis And Insights

Chris Goward Chris Goward, WiderFunnel

Watch to learn how much information can behavioral science reveal about shoppers' buying behavior.

eCommerce Optimization Using Voice Of Customer Data

Ben Labay Ben Labay, Speero

Context can be used as a strategy. Learn how to prioritize the voice of customer research findings and create a process for testing and action.

How HubSpot Used Data To Redesign Its Academy Website

Rebecca Hinton Rebecca Hinton, HubSpot

Learn what thoughts and efforts went into redesigning HubSpot's academy website, and how they collect data to inform decision-making along the way.

Day 4

Building Engaging Onsite Experience At Avast

Chase Richards Chase Richards, Avast

In this interview, get a peek into how experiments are run at Avast and what does their experimentation culture look like.

The Science Of Testing At Trainline

Iqbal Ali Iqbal Ali, Trainline

Learn how Europe's leading train app delivers the best ticket booking experience to its users through online experimentation.

10 Examples Of Winning Experiments That Drove Revenue And Performance Gains

Craig Smith Craig Smith, Trinity

This presentation is all about providing a practical set of ideas to leverage within your website experiments.

Day 5

How A 250-Year-Old Company Adapts To The Changing Consumer

Elizabeth Romanski Elizabeth Romanski, Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopaedia Britannica combined customer research and testing to recognize their changing reader base and bring their consumers new products and on-site tools for a better learning experience.

Proving Best Practices By Testing

Martin Greif Martin Greif, SiteTuners

Once you start winning, getting buy-in for Conversion Rate Optimization becomes easier. Martin walks you through winning tests that you can implement right away.

The Frictionless Path To Customer Loyalty And Higher Sales

Roger Dooley Roger Dooley, Friction Hunter

Drawing on the content of his new book, FRICTION (McGraw Hill), Dooley will show how user effort affects conversion, retention, and even online reputation.

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