A Product Manager’s Handbook For Mobile App Optimization

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Optimizing your mobile app to consistently deliver delightful user experience is just as important as introducing new features and products. Great UX gets you returning users and turns them into advocates for your mobile app, which attracts new users too.


VWO allows you to follow a structured approach to conversion rate optimization through process-driven A/B testing in your mobile app. The steps include:

  • Defining your KPIs
  • Identifying gaps in the expected use and actual use of your app
  • Formulating hypotheses for testing
  • Testing your hypotheses
  • Selecting your target audience
  • Analyzing test results
  • Updating your product roadmap


This eBook aims to cover these steps comprehensively. It should also serve as a handy guide for product managers and app developers to effectively optimize their mobile app for better conversion rates.

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