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VWO vs. Google Optimize

Looking for a Comprehensive A/B Testing Solution?

Google Optimize lets you run ad-hoc A/B tests on your website. VWO lets you do a lot more than simple A/B testing. Let us show you how.

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CRO Platform

The All-in-One Conversion Optimization Platform

Google Optimize allows you to set up and run tests quickly, and target these based on several segmentation parameters. With VWO, you can bring your entire conversion optimization program on a single, connected platform—track business goals, analyze visitor behavior, build data-driven hypotheses, run tests, and personalize content.

Google Optimize vs. VWO - A/B Testing Feature Comparison

Seamless Integrations

Works Seamlessly with Tools That Matter to Your Business

VWO natively integrates not only with Google Analytics, but also with over a dozen other third-party tools, to ensure that every bit of insightful data serves its purpose. If that isn’t sufficient for your unique requirements, you can use its open API to make your own integrations or request the VWO team to make these for you.

Integrations with Third Party Solutions - VWO

Hands-On Support

We Help You at Each Step along the Way

guided onboarding

Guided onboarding

Spend more time producing results than looking for answers, with in-app guided onboarding and up-to-date knowledge base of all the information you would ever need.

24x7 hours support

24x7 email, phone, and chat

Better still, our dedicated Customer Success Managers will help you set up your Enterprise account and get testing immediately.

hand on support

Hands-on support

However, if you do need to contact VWO, you can count on hands-on support across multiple channels, whenever you want.

Multiple Products

The Right Match for Your Business

Whatever your business needs are, VWO can deliver.

A/B testing

A/B testing for Beginners

If you’re just starting out and want to see how testing can affect the conversion rate, choose the VWO Web Testing Solution that allows you to run tests (A/B, Multivariate, and Split) and conduct basic visitor behavior analysis by using Heatmaps.

cro Experts

CRO Experts

To continuously impact your bottom line with better conversions, choose the all-in-one Conversion Optimization Platform that enables you to track testing goals, analyze visitor behavior, define goals and conversion funnels, run tests, and personalize content.

SmartStats Engine

Greater Control over Testing

VWO lets you make smarter business decisions from your testing campaigns by choosing from among 3 different modes of testing:

quick learning

Quick Learning

Gets you faster results. Great for finding quick trends.



Helps you make smarter decisions. Ideal for most tests.

maximum certainity

Maximum Certainty

Allows you to plan better. Best for revenue-critical tests when you want to absolutely minimize potential loss.

Bayesian Statistics Comparison: VWO vs. Google Optimize
Flexible Pricing - VWO vs. Google Optimize

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing Model to Accommodate Your Unique Needs

If your team wants to run tests on multiple domains from a single account, that’s not a problem. VWO has a flexible pricing plan that allows you to pay by the average number of unique monthly visitors on your website, no matter how many domains you run tests on within that visitor quota.


VWO Is Trusted by 4500+ High-Growth Brands

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Feature Comparison

See how Google Optimize compares with VWO

VWO logo Google optimize logo
Visual Editor Check icon Check icon
Code Editor Check icon Check icon
A/B Testing Check icon Check icon
Multivariate Testing Check icon Check icon
Split Testing Check icon Check icon
Concurrent Testing Limit Unlimited 5 for Google Optimize, Unlimited for Optimize 360
Multi-Page Tests Check icon -
Heatmaps Check icon -
On-page Surveys Check icon -
Session Replays Check icon -
Form Analysis Check icon -
Set Goals Check icon Available with GA integration
Define Funnels Check icon Available with GA integration
Log Observations Check icon -
Create Hypotheses Check icon -
Personalization Check icon Check icon
Custom Targeting Check icon Check icon
Statistics Bayesian (visitor-based) Bayesian (session-based)
Editor Diagnostics - Check icon
Self-Hosting Check icon -
Create Experiments on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (no plug-in required) Chrome (plug-in required)
Integrations Custom integrations also available Native integration with Google Analytics only
Support Available 24x7 (email, phone, chat, and in-app) Available only in Optimize 360
Customer Success Manager Available only to Enterprise Customers Available only in Optimize 360

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