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Basekit’s conversions increased by 25% after redesigning pricing page

Is pricing information more important than pricing page design? Does design on pricing page influence conversions at all? These are some of the questions that, world’s most flexible website builder, wanted to answer through their latest A/B test. BaseKit allows you to quickly and simply create, host and manage your own website in 100% W3C-compliant HTML. It’s an awesome tool and we are lucky to have them as one of our customers.

Pricing page A/B testing

This case study is about A/B testing of BaseKit’s pricing page and how a redesign of it increased conversions by 25%. They wanted to increase the number of people who visit ‘Buy Now‘ page after visiting their ‘Plans and Pricing‘ page so that was the conversion goal measured in the test. (For their follow up tests, we recommend Basekit to use Visual Website Optimizer’s revenue tracking feature to make sure that not just conversions but total sales is also measured for different variations. This will get a better idea of performance of variation). The traffic that arrived on pricing page (which was tested) is primarily paid, so it is already focused and targeted. Here is how the pricing page originally looked like:

Original pricing page

Redesigned pricing page

In their own words, the variation had “Bolder, brighter, clearer pricing, nicer design, testimonial, more obvious currency selection.” Here’s how the variation looked like:

Redesigned pricing page (25% increase in conversions)

A/B test results and lessons

The new design reached a 95% statistical significance within 24 hours. It was a consistent 25% improvement for the entire duration of the test. They weren’t surprised, but were reassured to see that our improvements had the desired effect. As a follow up test, they are creating yet another redesign of this new pricing page and then do another A/B test. (Continuous A/B testing is key to increasing conversions. Sometimes you get results, sometimes you don’t but if you do lots of A/B tests, you are bound to see some improvements).

Regarding usefulness of Visual Website Optimizer, here’s what Chris Gilfoy, Head of Search at Basekit had to say:

Hugely valuable. I’ve been a fan of VWO for a long time and it was great to take it to a new brand and show how powerful, yet easy to use it is.

This excellent A/B test shows that not just actual pricing details but design of the pricing page is very important. So, when are you going to test your pricing page? (By the way, we are planning to test our pricing page too! Let us know in the comments if you have any ideas for improvement.)

Founder and Chairman of Wingify.

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  1. Thank you for this easy to follow and very useful example.

    As a digital copywriter I’m constantly trying to push the value of conversion rate optimization onto my clients — and constantly experimenting with different ways I can use copy to boost conversion rates. Adding “now” or other imperative to the end of a call to action is a classic (hat tip to Dustin Curtis, who suggests “here”).

    When I was first getting into conversion rate optimization, I asked an expert for tips. “Make the buttons bigger and greener,” he said. It definitely seems to work — not sure what I can do, though, as my site is all in black and white!

    The thing that interests me the most is that you dropped the 14 day money back guarantee. Did you feel the money back guarantee created an element of uncertainty about the quality of the product (and thus put people off buying) or was it purely a design or other issue?

    Thanks again for a great post.

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