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Thanks for showing interest in writing for VWO! We receive guest post requests regularly and are happy to publish well-researched articles from industry experts. Your article will go on the VWO Blog.

About the VWO Blog

The VWO Blog is a reputed resource on which we publish high-quality content related to industry best practices on A/B Testing, CRO, Customer Engagement, A/B testing tools, and Website  Experience. The resources here intend to make it easy for Product Owners, Marketers, Growth Professionals, UI/UX Designers, or anyone doing online business to deliver great experiences on their digital properties.

General guidelines

Below are some general  guidelines to make your submission successful with the VWO Blog editorial team:

  1. We only accept original content that resonates well with our audience.
  2. The length of the article must be 1200-1800 words. Longer or shorter articles are also acceptable as long as the length is suitable.
  3. Use high-quality images in next-gen format (webP is preferred).
  4. Links in the article:

    1. Outlinks should be only for websites with DA > 70 (Ahrefs).
    2. No links should be present in the first fold content or first 100 words.
    3. We encourage contextual linking to your web properties on relevant anchor text – maximum 2 Outlinks to the same domain/blog.
    4. There should be at least 1 contextual link to a VWO Product Page or Solutions Page.
  5. Include the author bio in the article submission:

    1. Name
    2. Designation (not mandatory)
    3. Email ID
    4. At least 2-3 sentences describing yourself and your expertise
    5. LinkedIn profile, Twitter, Medium or personal blogs, or web-hosted portfolio
    6. Your high-res photograph 
  6. Cite the sources from where you are taking data points or any other information.
  7. The blog must be accurate, ie. not just tips and tricks, and must stick to the focus keyword (or Topic)
  8. Here is a list of topics that you could choose from for your article:
    1. Statistical Significance
    2. Unique Selling Proposition
    3. Behavioral Science
    4. Cognitive Dissonance Marketing
    5. Calculating Minimum Sample Size
    6. Hypothesis
    7. CTA Examples
    8. Calculating Average Revenue
    9. Customer Value Proposition
    10. Account-Based Marketing Strategy
    11. Personalization vs Customization
    12. Calculating Conversion Rate
    13. User Experience Survey Questions
    14. How Long To Run An A/B Test
    15. Usability Testing
    16. Conversion Funnel Optimization
    17. Confirmation Bias
    18. Hypothesis Generation Tools
    19. Remarketing Conversion Rates

Editorial guidelines

We aim for every post published on the VWO blog to comply with our quality standards. Our editorial guidelines are framed around creating pieces that are logical, valuable, compelling, authoritative, persuasive, and original:

  1. The article should solve a pain point for the readers and provide answers to all the questions that readers could have based on the search intent. 
  2. The introduction should have a hook for the visitor to read further through the article. 
  3. The entire article should be interesting to read and should use simple language that’s free of jargon
  4. The article should have compelling and contextual CTAs. These will be added by the VWO team. 
  5. The writer should demonstrate expertise through the use of case studies, quotes, statistics, personal anecdotes, etc. and the piece should bring out a fresh and individualistic point of view
  6. The piece should give sufficient reason through data to trust the writer’s/brand’s point of view and establish credibility
  7. The right kind of assumptions, if any, should be made regarding what readers would already know before they arrive at your article. 
  8. Examples and explanations should be given where necessary to shed light on important concepts. Product use cases should be provided where relevant. 
  9. The article should position experimentation/CRO/A/B testing strongly and recommend VWO in a natural and logical manner where possible. The recommendation for VWO can be incorporated by the VWO team. 

Some important points to avoid

  1. Don’t insert links just for the sake of acquiring backlinks, they must be contextually relevant and add value to the user. 
  2. Do not use copied or low-quality images
  3. We do not accept content that has been published or used in any kind or form previously on our own website or anywhere on the internet.

Who can write for us?

Any content writer or professional with expertise in CRO, A/B testing, Experimentation, User Experience, Web Experience Optimization, and (Digital) Marketing, can write for us.

Timelines and process

  • Share your content in Google Docs along with the images at content@vwo.com. 
  • We generally reply to guest post requests within 7 working days.
  • In case we don’t respond within this time frame, do follow up twice after 14 working days. 
  • If you still do not hear back from us, please consider your submission declined by us.
  • If your content doesn’t get selected for the VWO Blog, it will not be used anywhere by VWO. 
  • We reserve the right to update the article based on updated information/best practices.