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An Interview with WhatsApp’s UX Research Lead Brooke Baldwin

Duration: 60 minutes


Brooke Baldwin

Brooke Baldwin

UX Research Lead


Accomplished qualitative UX Researcher with over 20 years of experience. Currently at WhatsApp.

About The Session

Although this has been mentioned many times, let us repeat it once more – UX is the competitive advantage.

Brooke has a passion for UX Research. She has helped some of the most prominent businesses, among others, like Morgan Stanley, American Express, Facebook, and now WhatsApp, conduct research that defines product roadmaps and strategic vision.

In this exclusive interview with Brooke, we try to understand what makes her passionate about UX Research, how the importance of UX research varies with industry type, and what has she learned about human behavior after all these years of observing humans.

Read the entire transcription of this interview as well as the lessons on UX research

Key Questions

  • How did Brooke get started in a pivotal UX role at WhatsApp?
  • How do you approach UX when you’re building for everybody across so many personas and jobs?
  • How do you suggest businesses design their research programs to get the most value out of it?