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Optimization in Marketing

Is Experimentation Only About Instant Revenue Uplift?

Duration: 80 minutes


Karishma Rajaratnam

Karishma Rajaratnam

Senior Growth Marketing Manager


With over 8+ years of B2B SaaS Marketing experience, Karishma now leads Growth Marketing initiatives at Vidyard.

Niall O'Gorman

Niall O'Gorman

Head of Strategic Partnerships & Co-Founder


Niall is the co-founder of ChannelSight, an eCommerce intelligence platform.

Claudiu Murariu

Claudiu Murariu

CEO & Co-Founder


Claudiu is obsessed with data-led decisions; he's on a mission to continually raise the bar on driving insights from data to accelerate business growth and product adoption.

About The Session

Experimentation, as a method to validate a hypothesis, has proved its worth time and again. The sales pitch, however, for a proposed experiment has always focused on adding instant revenue to the business. But, as business people, we all know the effort that goes into earning even a single dollar.

Hear from the experts in the business as they discuss the most important question – Is experimentation only about instant revenue uplift?

Join in LIVE for this amazing panel discussion where the audience gets the chance to be an active part of the discussion as well.


Key Questions

  • Once we look beyond uplift, what other value does experimentation carry?
  • What are the most significant KPIs influenced through experimentation?
  • How can one prove impact? Even with failures.