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Optimize success metrics through data-driven decisions backed by sophisticated testing across client-side, mobile app, and server-side.

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Brands across the world continue to trust us for over a decade, and we continue to deliver on their trust

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VWO’s success formula trusted by leading brands

VWO has in-depth, intuitive functionalities and features to help you run and scale complex tests that help you build stellar user experiences.


Create control and variations to test any part of the visitor journey, including front-end, back-end, or middleware.


Tailor test audience your way with built-in options, custom targeting conditions, or behavior-based attributes and events.


Optimize conversions for vital business goals. Track standard or custom metrics to monitor conversions, revenue, and more across tests.


Make data-driven decisions confidently with reliable, real-time impact reports based on Bayesian statistics.


Don't miss out on any conversions. Instantly push winning experiences to production without any dependency.

Test across your entire tech stack

Centralize testing across product, marketing, and development teams. VWO empowers you to test everything from content to UI, search results, and algorithms under one roof.

Select your test audience, your way

Extensive audience selection options with your user data to run tests the way you want.

Versatile audience selection options

VWO has comprehensive options to create and reuse visitor target segments. Create segments based on traffic source, device type, visitor type, operating system, browser, behavioral data, custom user events, and even data from third-party sources such as Tag Manager, Segment, and Marketo.

Customizable selection logic

Implement advanced selection logic through AND/OR operators and group conditions using parentheses to build highly-specific segments.

Activity-driven user selection

Select users to become part of tests based on their historical behavior. Integrate VWO with CDPs and use their historical attributes stored externally to select visitors.

Custom user qualification

VWO does the heavy lifting to qualify users for a test according to the targeting conditions set. You can choose if VWO has to qualify the visitor every time they land on your site or just the first time.

Explore Audience Selection in VWO

How VWO enables selecting the right audience for a/b testing

Optimize experiences by tracking your North Star metrics

Run tests to optimize metrics that matter to your business with VWO’s custom goals.

Prioritize metrics your way

Set up the primary and secondary metrics from any third party via integrations to determine which variation performs better concerning these metrics. VWO declares a winner based on your primary goal.

Use metrics library with just a click

Use out-of-the-box options or pull in metrics from the metrics library or a metric cluster to swiftly get started with optimizing critical KPIs.

Protect critical metrics performance Coming soon

Configure critical business metrics under guardrail metrics to ensure tests don’t negatively influence them. VWO automatically pauses tests or notifies you if guardrail metrics get impacted.

Inverse winner metrics Coming soon

Set up inverse winner logic for negative metrics such as crash-rate, and cart-abandonment rate, which should ideally reduce in value. VWO declares winners based on ‘Worse Than Control’ for inverse metrics.

Explore Metrics on VWO

How VWO enables you to optimize high impact metrics

Take data-driven decisions based on statistically valid reports

Accurate reports based on Bayesian Stats that help you and your stakeholders make data-driven business decisions with precision.

Accurate results, always

VWO's Bayesian-powered stats engine for tests ensures your test results are accurate by handling peeking errors and multiple testing errors.

Complete visibility into performance Coming soon

Improved VWO reports show you the probability to be ‘Better Than Control’, ‘Worse Than Control’, and ‘Practical Equivalence’, giving you enhanced decision-making power.

Weed out outliers Coming soon

VWO automatically detects outlier values in your tests and makes necessary adjustments behind the scenes to ensure your test results never get skewed.

Zeroed in, Shareable Insights

Filter reports based on out-of-the-box options or custom dimensions. Export reports as CSV, email a link, or forward them to an analytics tool for further analysis.

Explore Reports on VWO

How VWO enables you to make better decisions with reliable reports

Rollout variations instantly with zero dependency

Don’t let your winning variations sit idle. Roll them out immediately to maximize conversions.

Rollout test winners immediately

Every conversion missed is a lost opportunity. No more waiting on developers to release the winning variations to production.

Update time-sensitive, business-critical information

Critical updates like a phone number change or a price change shouldn’t have to wait. Update such changes in a jiffy.

Push error fixes in seconds

Spotted a hyperlink error, a wrong spelling or a formatting issue? Fix them immediately without the back & forth.

Test with high velocity and low risk

Feature rollout enables you to test everything in the beta stage. You can test and release features in a phased manner to specific segments.

Explore Rollout on VWO

How VWO can help you deploy winning variations

Collaboratively discover growth opportunities with the power of AI

Build a pipeline of experiments with personalized AI-generated optimization ideas for your website powered by GPT-4. Collaborate easily and see them to completion. Build a Kanban board workflow with observations to feed your testing and personalization campaigns. Add team members without restrictions and run your optimization program like a breeze.

Explore VWO Plan

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A sophisticated testing solution built for your needs

Get an arsenal of features that help you run and scale your testing program comprehensively

And 100 other features are part of your toolkit when running niche tests that are hyper-specific to your business case.

Get enterprise-grade security and support from day one

Work confidently, knowing that we have always got your back for your security and support. Build and scale your testing programs with ease.

Your data is safe and secure with us

We value our customers' trust in our platform. Hence, we try our best to comply with security and privacy mandates across physical and digital geographies.

Explore Privacy & Security
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International Organization Standardization Certification
International Organization Standardization Certification 27701
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Hipaa Compliant Logo

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Enhance VWO account security with two-factor authentication at the user or workspace level using authenticator apps or email passcodes.

Data storage

VWO has data centers in the US, the EU (Belgium), and India. Our CDN uses a load balancer, is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, and spans 10 locations from Japan to Brazil for faster loading.

Dedicated customer success manager

Leverage our training programs and dedicated success manager to optimize your website for better conversions.

Support with a constant CSAT of ~99%

You can count on us all year round for your most minor query while running the most complex experiments. Our technical experts will guide you all year round.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Log into VWO securely and conveniently using SAML 2.0-based single sign-on via identity providers like Google, Azure Cloud, OneLogin, Okta, and others.

Role-based permissions

Get Sub-accounts and varying levels of user permissions to bifurcate testing for client/agency and role division for the enterprise.

Leverage our one-click integrations with your favorite tech platforms

VWO offers out-of-the-box integration with 40+ technology apps and will fit like a glove right into your stack.

Integrated test creation

Create variations and run tests confidently with out-of-the-box integration support for content management systems (CMS) and e-commerce platforms.

Leverage external visitor data

Select test audiences based on historical attributes of visitors pulled in from external applications like CDPs and Tag Managers.

Stay on top of your tests

Integrate VWO with productivity applications like Slack to get notifications for key events in your account, like campaign status or user permission changes.

Analyze results extensively

VWO integrates with analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Amplitude for you to push test results automatically for further analysis.

Unlock conversion breakthroughs across your tech stack with VWO Testing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of optimizing any part of your digital experience based on visitor behavior to help improve the probability of the visitor taking desired actions (conversions) on the said channel.

Yes, we offer a free trial period for you to explore and evaluate VWO Testing. You can test drive VWO Testing and assess whether it meets your needs before committing to a plan. After the trial period, if you wish to continue using it, you can also begin with a free starter plan with limited functionality.

VWO enables client-side testing through a single asynchronous SmartCode and also supports secure, light-weight SDKs in popular front-end and back-end languages for mobile app and server-side testing. To get started with client-side testing, you just need to install the SmartCode on the head section of your website. Similarly to get started with server-side or mobile app testing, you just need to install the relevant SDK to your code base and connect it with the API key obtained from your VWO app dashboard.

For web testing: Visitor quota is consumed as and when visitors become part of the tests running on your website. Each visitor can become part of multiple tests and is counted only once towards the monthly billing cycle. For example, if three tests are running on your website and a visitor becomes part of all three tests in the same month, then the visitor quota consumed is counted as one.

For server-side testing: Visitor quota is consumed as and when visitors become part of the tests running on your a/b testing platform. Each visitor can become part of multiple tests and is counted only once towards the monthly billing cycle. However, the same user ID needs to be passed for the visitor in multiple campaigns to be counted as one. For example, if three tests are running on your platform and a visitor becomes part of all three tests in the same month, then the visitor quota consumed is counted as one (if the same user ID is passed for that visitor).

For mobile app testing: Visitor quota is consumed as and when visitors become part of the tests running on your mobile app. Each visitor can become part of multiple tests and is counted only once towards the monthly billing cycle. For example, if three tests are running on your mobile app and a visitor becomes part of all three tests in the same month, then the visitor quota consumed is counted as one.

All your test data is retained until you have an active paid subscription with VWO. We do not sample or delete data unless specified through settings or actions in an individual test.

SmartStats, VWO’s Bayesian-powered statistics engine is designed to do the heavy lifting when it comes to calculations and accuracy for you and gives you all the ingredients you need to make the right business decisions.

Whenever you open a test report, VWO fetches the up to date conversion and visitor data, runs Bayesian SmartStats on that data, and generates a report for the test where all metrics are up to date. Since a running test is continuously getting more visitors and conversions every second, you can also refresh the test data. You can click on the Refresh data button and VWO will fetch the updated stats for this test. Hovering on the refresh icon also shows you when your data was last updated.

No. VWO is built to scale without any compromise in performance. You can run unlimited number of concurrent tests with as many variations as you please.

No, the use of VWO does not have a negative impact on your website ranking. For A/B and Multivariate tests, both the control and variations run on the same URL and test changes are made by VWO on the fly. There is no scope for content duplication, which otherwise can affect your SEO ranking. Even though Google crawlers support JavaScript and the variation page of the A/B test campaign can be crawled by Google bots, they do not affect the performance of the A/B website. Google also had its own A/B testing solution that would not exist if such tests affected the website rankings.