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Royal Discount Used VWO To Test Pricing and Increase Revenue

10.21% Revenue

About Royal Discount

Royal Discount sells computer software and related products from companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, Monster Cable, and Symantec at discounted prices.

To improve the conversion rate of its website, the company hired Fruition.net, which used VWO for testing.


The objective was to increase clicks on Add to Cart, thereby increasing sales.

Tests run

Price is critical to influencing prospects to click the CTA, in this case, Add to Cart. Based on previous A/B tests, especially as a seller of discounted products, Fruition had included the crossed-out the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) figure on Royal Discount’s product pages, a move that had boosted conversion rates slightly.

This is what control looked like:

As part of the ongoing optimization process, Team Fruition felt that due to the other text on the page, the price information was not getting the required attention. Even though the Add to Cart call-to-action button stood out, they felt that visitors were probably missing out on why they should purchase from the Royal Discount website.

The team hypothesized that increasing the emphasis on the discounted price shown on the page would increase conversions. They created a variation for the Microsoft Office 2013 page and pitted it against the original. The font size of the discounted sale price was increased from 15 px to 20 px, and the font type was made bold. The crossed out MSRP figure continued to be shown as before.

This is what the variation looked like:

Fruition.net set up the A/B test by using VWO.  Add to Cart and the final purchase were the 2 goals tracked. The test was run for more than 1 month.


The variation resulted in 36.54% more visitors clicking the Add to Cart CTA and hence moving further into the conversion funnel. In turn, this increased revenue by 10.21%, although the statistical significance for this goal wasn’t met initially.

So why did this simple change work? For conversion-centered design, it is important to know which page elements will have the greatest impact on prospects’ decision-making- and thereafter, ensure that these elements easily get the attention of visitors. This often means increasing font size, changing font type, using contrasting colors or changing their placement on the page.

Authenticity and price are typically the most important factors that drive decision-making. When buying popular and standard software such as Microsoft Office, most people are not too concerned about pictures or detailed product descriptions.

By making its discounted price stand out clearly, Royal Discount made it easy for visitors to spot the key “value lever” and made it easier for them to proceed with the purchase.

201 Royal Discount






10.21% increase in Revenue

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