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Continuous A/B Testing Coupled with Marketing Efforts Achieve a tremendous Revenue Uplift

59.9% Revenue


Grene’s history has its origin in 1915 Denmark, when its founder, Chr. C. Grene, started whole-selling agricultural production items. But in Poland, it began in 1996 after privatization. Today, it has become the most recognized brand of stores, with over 100 years of experience, selling spare machine parts, zootechnical products, seeds, tires, tools, small equipment, specialist protective clothing, and agricultural toys. Grene also supplies products that match individual requirements.

GRENE has been using VWO Services since November 2018, and the VWO Platform since even before that.


For each of the campaigns discussed in this success story,  the end goal was different:

  • Campaign 1: Make it easier for users to find desired products on the mobile listing pages
  • Campaign 2: Make their USP more prominent on the website
  • Campaign 3: Increase click-through to the cart page

Tests run

GRENE, in collaboration with VWO Services, ran a series of campaigns to optimize their website and improve conversions. Discussed below are various campaigns that drove a significant increase in conversions for GRENE:

Campaign 1: Testing the horizontal layout on the category listing pages – mobile. 

Goal: Make it easier for users to find desired products on the mobile listing pages from the gamut of options available. 

Challenge: In the old version, the product boxes were occupying too much space on the limited mobile screen space available, and the users were finding it difficult to scroll down too much in order to find what they were looking for. 

Solution: This is what control looked like:

To make finding products easier, VWO Services along with the team at GRENE decided to optimize the use of available screen space by downsizing the space each product used to display information. The CTA button too was replaced by a cart icon with a circular perimeter of red color which upon clicking changed color to green indicating that the action is complete i.e., the product has been added to cart. This is what the variation looked like:

The change expected was that the users would have to scroll down less with the new design, resulting in increased impressions on each product and higher clicks. You can easily check the scroll-depth of your pages to optimize them for CTAs using VWO Insights. Take a free trial to know more!

Result: The campaign ran for a period of 46 days (June 13, 2019 – July 28, 2019) and the variation won with a 43.03% conversion rate against control’s 36.81% conversion rate and a confidence level of 100%. Along with this, clicks on product boxes increased by 178, which was a 15.50% increment, and a 16.89% increase in CVR. The changes also resulted in a 10% increase in click-through to cart page and a 10% increase in visits to the Thank You page.


Campaign 2: Revising USP’s content and redesigning its layout – desktop

Goal: Make GRENE’s USP more prominent on the website

Challenge: GRENE has 4 USP’s which were highlighted above-the-fold on the homepage, occupying the prime property. However, the USP’s looked visually bland and failed to grab the users’ attention. 

Solution: This is what control looked like:

VWO Services redesigned the way the company’s USPs were displayed – unlike the bland color in control, the variation had the USPs highlighted in bright, green color. The hypothesis was that introducing green color to the icons displaying the USPs would result in increased impressions. 

Along with the color change, the USP’s were broken down into two parts with keywords in the first row and related important content in the second. The hypothesis was that this change would make it easier for users to consume the benefits GRENE offered and thus complete the entire buyer’s journey. 

This is what the variation looked like:

Result: The campaign ran for a period of 15 days (May 9, 2019 – May 23, 2019). The metrics tracked were Interaction/ Clicks on the USP’s and eCommerce CVR. The test results showed a phenomenal spike in the user interaction with these USPs, which rose from 0.26% in the control version to 2.28% in the variation, with a 100% confidence level. Additionally, the eCommerce CVR shot up from 2.64% to 3.18% during this period.


Campaign 3: Redesigning mini cart – desktop

Goal: Increase click-through to the cart page

Challenge: A lot of users were clicking on the FREE DELIVERY USP’s highlighted above the main CTA button, assuming it is a button. The users were also unable to see the total sum value of each product if more than 1 product was added to the cart. In addition to that, users had to scroll all the way to the bottom of the mini cart to click on the main CTA button, which increased the evaluation time of the products added to the cart. 

Solution: This is what control looked like:

The hypothesis behind this campaign was that adding a CTA button at the top of the mini cart would help users quickly transition to the cart page. Also, a more sorted layout with a ‘remove’ button on the right (to avoid any unwanted clicks), the addition of the multiplied value of products and a bigger CTA button would motivate users to go further down the conversion funnel and complete their journey. This is what the variation looked like:

Result: The campaign ran for 36 days (April 4, 2019 – May 9, 2019) and the metrics tracked were – visits on the cart page, revenue or quantity purchased, and ecommerce CVR:

  • Visits to the cart page increased, declaring the variation as the winner with a 3.05% conversion rate against 2.91% from control
  • Overall eCommerce conversion rate increased from 1.83% to 1.96% during this period
  • The quantity purchased witnessed an almost 2X increase


GRENE has been using VWO to A/B test all their experience optimization ideas with the help of VWO Services. Owing to this, from 2017-2018, they witnessed an uplift in several metrics that have a direct bearing on their business:




eCommerce CVR 






Unique Purchases




Optimize your campaigns to fuel your website conversions with VWO. Take a free trial today!

104 Grene





Experiment goals

Increase CTR to cart page, Increase CVR


59.9% increase in Revenue

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