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How Bear Mattress Leveraged Cross-sell Opportunities with VWO and Increased Revenue

16% Revenue

About Bear Mattress

New Jersey based Bear Mattress was founded in 2014 by Scott Paladini with a three-fold goal of improving sleep quality, helping people recover from their daily fatigue faster, and improving their performance in life. 

With an array of technologically superior sleep wellness products, Bear Mattress has amassed a loyal customer base that ranges from athletes to working professionals. They partnered with VWO in September 2020 to optimize their website experience and conversion rates. And with the immaculate results delivered by the VWO Services team, they hope to further this partnership.


Scott and the optimization team at Bear Mattress were quite clear on the areas they wished to probe on the website. With the aim of increasing revenue, the focus was on optimizing the ‘Cross-sell Flow’ on the Mattress product detail pages of the website.


Based on the objectives defined, VWO Services team helped the Bear Mattress team streamline the scope of experimentation.

  1. Based on visitor behavior analysis using VWO Insights, it was observed that:
    1.  There was negligible visitor interaction with the ‘Frequently bought with mattress’ section which consists of the cross-sell product listings.
    2. Overall clicks on cross-sell products were fewer compared to the other elements of the page as observed in the heatmap of product pages.
  2. Images weren’t present with items present in the ‘Frequently bought with mattress’ section of the page, which was impacting the engagement level of this page.
  3. Further, the copy was not customer-centric but product-centric. It didn’t pique interest or give enough reasons to customers to consider buying the product. 

These challenges had to be addressed immediately.

Tests run


Test – Redesign Cross-sell section of Mattress Product Page (Mobile)

Owing to the several issues identified on the ‘Frequently bought with mattress’ section of mattress detail pages it was decided to redesign the section in its entirety and test the new version. VWO services made the following changes to the existing design, which became the variation:


  1. A thumbnail image was added along with the items present in the cross-sell section.
  2. The copy was changed, making it customer-centric. Questions such as ‘Why do I need a protector?’, and ‘Can I use my old box spring?’, were added
  3. Instead of showing Bear frame upfront as a 3rd option in the cross-sell section, it was made conditional by showing it only when users added foundation (since showing frame option made sense to users who were buying the foundation). 
  4. Additionally, a copy of the subheadline was added with Bear frame to increase engagement with this option.
  5. Lastly, for users who didn’t want to buy more products, the ‘Mattress only’ option was added with a nudge for users to consider having a look at the cross-sell items such as protector and bed base foundation.


The team hypothesized that a new design with the above changes would increase engagement with the cross-sell section of ‘Frequently bought with mattress’ on mattress detail pages and increase revenue and Average order value.

Older Cross Sell Flow

Bear Control Version

New Cross Sell Flow

Bear Variation (1)


The A/B test ran for 19 days. All traffic visiting the mattress product detail pages on mobile participated in the test, with a 50-50 split between the control and the variation. 

The performance of user behavior-related metrics saw an immense improvement based on the customer-centric nudge-based approach.


Below is a product-wise break up of the improvement in add-to-cart CTA:


  • Protector – Add to carts increased by 51.75% in variation
  • Foundation – Add to carts increased by 73% in variation
  • Frame –  Add to carts increased by 36.03% in variation

Overall the variation outperformed the control with a 24.18% uplift in successful purchases and a 16.21% increase in revenue, (implying an estimated uplift in annual revenue of 23.22%).


Having a user-friendly interface in a niche industry like sports mattresses not only gives you avenues for up-sell and cross-sell but also makes the entire user journey more seamless for the customers. The team at Bear Mattress was able to leverage this and is gearing up to improve other aspects of their website. With VWO, you can uncover friction points in the user experience of your website and eliminate them with A/B testing. You can take a free trial and explore all available features.



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New Jersey, USA



Experiment goals

Increase number of purchases, Increase AOV


16% increase in Revenue

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