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Plan and manage your optimization program

Get closer to your goal by recording research observations, creating data-backed hypotheses, and prioritizing your testing calendar.


Get all your research Observations at one place

Observations in VWO are meant to be a record of all your notes, comments, ideas, or facts that relate to any aspect of your optimization process.

Make notes in context

Found something interesting while viewing a heatmap on your pricing page? Note it down right there. Observations help you maintain context while writing and reviewing these notes. You can record observations with the following artefacts:

Record Observations in VWO.


Note down insights about how visitors interact with different elements on your page. To maintain context, a snapshot of the heatmap report is saved along with your Observation.


Tag your Observations to the exact time-stamp when you noticed the behavior. The next time you open up the observation it will start the recording at that instant where you had logged this observation.


See a lot of visitors coming from your ad campaign skipping the address field? Record your Observation, and VWO will save your segmented Form report along with the observation.


Attach an Observation to the responses of a unique respondent or make notes on the overall responses to a question.


Expecting a running test to have an impact on your Goal conversions? Note the time period for which the test is expected to run and add this as Observation in your Goal reports.


Do you see mobile visitors dropping off at checkout? Create an Observation on your Funnel report, and VWO will save the segmented data along with the exact date-range of that report.

Connected across the platform

Observations are connected to all your data, hypotheses, and testing campaigns. This helps you build a story and have a complete context of the entire campaign, even months after your test has ended.

Link to hypotheses

Many data points and insights come together to form the best testing hypothesis. VWO lets you connect multiple observations to one hypothesis, ensuring you have the full picture of why you wanted to test something.

Additional attachments

Upload screenshots, documents, spreadsheets, or any other useful data to support your observation.

Labels, search, and smart filtering

Categorize the large number of observations generated by your entire team by using labels, filtering, and a detailed search functionality so that you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Page URL

Save the URL of the landing page with which an Observation is associated. Later, you can filter to see all Observations that were made for a particular landing page.

Central repository for all your Observations

All your thoughts, insights, and notes on visitor research are organized at one place so that you never lose track of your insights.

Validate your hypotheses by putting these to test against the current version on your website.
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